Trust level 5 - the cow level


Can somebody explain hot to add to Ignore list players on a new forums? :crazy_face:

(Thrakosa) #107

Sounds a bit like a moo point…


I couldn’t stop… I watched the whole thing. I’m terrified right now.

(Tèsla) #109

The cow spider will haunt all my dreams

(Snagryn) #110

Can I have my instant trust level please?

(Zetioun) #111

:bullettrain_side: :tram: :fireworks: :dark_sunglasses: :black_square_button: :sunny: :walking_man: :camping: :rainbow: :leafy_green: :cow2: :cow: :tada: :cow: :tada: :cow: m̴̤̭͖̘̾̽́̾̆̉̏̓͊̚ȍ̷̧̯͑̉̑̕o̴̥̳̔̿ ·…·°¯°•._.·°¯°·.·°·…•·····

(Spirl) #112

There is no such thing! It’s a myth

(Poisonenvy) #113

How do you know what level you’re at? And what perks do you get for each level? Are cookies involved anywhere?

I heard that if you attain level 5, you receive Wirt’s Leg.

(Punyelf) #114

There are a couple of topics about checking your trust level. Essentially we are all level 1 atm.


Í think you’re wrong. Just for instance - when this thread started, I used my forum main to like every post until I had no likes then. Since then, the only character I cannot use for posting (and only on the english forum) is said forum main! conspiracy!
They do not want us to reach the cow level!

(Destruct) #116

Which doesn’t really work, in order to give my opinion better I couldn’t even link a picture of gamepedia. Hopefully we don’t have people who need directions, “yes we could link you a map from WoWhead or gamepdia but yeah… Here is long and dwindled description instead!”

(Poisonenvy) #117

Weirdly I gave a few more likes today, after having maxed yesterday, and although I got the pop-up box saying “wait a few more hours” … the likes still seemed to have been given.

(Goresh) #118

Don’t have a cow man!

(Dalbozz) #119

Trust no-one…

(Poisonenvy) #120

As an aside … not having a “quote” button on a forum post is a bit weird … but heyho.

Having said the above tho … I think the “like without having any likes left” thing was temporary … it seems to show initially, but then seems to fall off again. So another 7 hours or something before i can do more likes.

(Spirl) #121

Yea it does get replenished after a while, not sure how long

(Poisonenvy) #122

This it was about 18 hours … or perhaps you get so much per every 24 hour segment … pretty sure it said “more in 18 hours” when I used them all yesterday, and then recently it said “7 hours”

(Shammoz) #123

When you click the “Reply” link on a post, the first icon on the toolbar which looks like a speech bubble is Quote and it will quote the whole post you are replying to. Alternatively if you want to quote only part of a post, it’s the same as before, highlight the text and click the “Quote” pop-up.

(Poisonenvy) #124

ahhhhh … cool … thank you :slight_smile:

(Spirl) #125

Just testing the quote button