Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Poisonenvy) #126

just testing the test of the quote button … :kissing_heart::joy:[quote=“Spirl-ravencrest, post:125, topic:6297, full:true”]

Just testing the quote button

Edit … haha buggered that up … forgot to actually press the quote button, then when I did, it went hinky :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kynandris) #127

Used all my likes for the day on this thread.

Me wants cow level. <3

(Mysticdude) #128

You can have a “like” this time. But if you’re late again, we tie you to a turtle. And we all know what happens to them.

 /  ##  ## (oo)
/ \## __   ./
|//YY \|/
|||   |||


Can I have some love? UwU

(Runescale) #131

Sure, I’ll join the forum rep grind!


I will love all of you!

Hu! I did it! 128 likes :open_mouth:

(Savoren) #133

And 129 now! :champagne:

I’m bringing in the love today and none of you can do anything about it!

Elves get to keep their priority though, some habits just never die :smirk:

(Rockara) #135

Time to get blizzard to create the secret cow level!

(Zetioun) #136

Holy cow :cow: we got a lot of 100’s :tada::tada::tada: Good job everyone! :tada::tada::tada:


What happens when you reach a certain trust level? Is there a reward at the end of this mini-game? Here have my likes


“There is no cow level” :rage:





Not quite sure whats going on here, and this Is a weird day.
I hearted over 100 posts AND leveled fishing.
( boy was I glad when I hearted and realised i used the wrong character)

(Scalda) #142

I believe in bovine. I truly believe in bovine.

(Punyelf) #143

It would be funny if one existed :cow:


You called? #20letters

(Lesenius) #145

Where them cow likes at??

(Weper) #146

Does someone knows what can i do at Trust Level 2? :thinking:

(Archronos) #147

I took some time off from these forums that’s for sure. Quite a lot of changes i must admit and it’s gonna take time to adjust to the new layer, or new functions.

But what on earth are trust levels? I saw another thread about it but i couldn’t exactly understand what it is. What does it do, and what’s its purpose?

Edit: And also all of my post history is gone too, dating back to 2011 :cry: