Trying to pick up holy again after years

Hello, due to the occasional need for healer in some groups I play with, I decided to remove the “seal” on the Holy spec and to try to learn it again after the burnout of doing the Legion Mage tower.

My questions are:
How much on demand AoE healing do we got? It seems there is the Light of Dawn cone, Prism when aimed at enemies and whatever that Glimmer of light does when you use Holy shock. It seems all of them are cooldowns that are not spammable. Did I miss something? PS: Yes I know about beacon of Light/faith, but these are still 2 people in a raid.

How mandatory is it to whack enemies for generating holy power? Is there an easy way to be reminded when those holy power generators are off cooldown? I bet I have missed out on lots of crusader strikes.

So far I am using this video to catch up to speed, do you have anything else to recommend?

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Hello Eosferon,

I’d recommend you to check out this guide:

It wil cover all aspects of Holy Paladins, be it m+ or raid.

Regarding your questions, AoE healing wise you want to count on Daybreak/Divine Toll, Prism is mostly used on CD unless you know that some AoE will happen very shortly but its still pretty weak. Light of Dawn will never be used in m+ and in raid it dpends if you play the “Awakening” or “Low Holy Power” built. Awakening built will be used on cd or before capped and with the Low HP Built only when you have 2 stacks of Dawn - there you want a WeakAura to track them.

Depending on the built you play, it scales from “very important to generate your holy power” to “almost meaningless”.

In general, don’t forgett to Holy Shock on CD and don’t sit too long on it.

Overall, HPal is abit more complicated then it should be, so I really recommend you to read the guide to give you a decent overview to better understand our current situation. Is also very good and highly recommended.

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