Trying to understand smt!

When u buy the Eipc edition, those 30 days would come like a token that u can use or it would just add instantly to ur game time, im asking because i wanna pre-purchase it, but i would not want to use the game time rite at the moment of the purchase, considering i will not be able to play, so i would like to know if its like a Token or just like a instant adding 30 days to the playtime??!

thank you for ur time and support!

I think that you will get 30 day time when DF expansion launches, it is stated like that unless I miss understood it, english is not my native language, so I don’t truly trust myself now.

tk u for ur answer, yes i was thinking like that also , but some times the game time was directly added to the playtime , if it would be like a token it would be nice considering that would be usable anytime u need!!

if you had a token and paid subscription you could use that token anytime, but if you did not have paid subscription and it went to your blizzard balance, then you could not buy gametime in store with paid balance, because you need 19.99 euro to buy 2 gametimes with blizzard balance, I think they will just add you gametime when expansion launches at start, it was like that in BFA when I bought epic edition, also I am not sure if they going to add gametime now, or when expansion lauches, but I think I red somewhere that they will add it once expansion starts.

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