Tune In to the WoWCast Q&A

Tune In to the WoWCast Q&A

Thank you for all your WoW Q&A submissions! Join the devs as they answer your questions about WoW, The War Within, Cataclysm Classic, and Season of Discovery.

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Ugh, the same lame excuse for no more era servers…
Then why do you have three different versions of Vanilla and one for everything else…?

Edit: For the record, I have nothing against those three iterations, but when they use it as an excuse to not have any more era servers…

The question is at 36:48

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This should to be regular bi-yearly thing.

they just don’t want cata to flop so probably will make people play cata for a while then release era servers

Might I humbly suggest a compromise to no Era servers?

Introduce character transfers between Classic Era and Wrath/Cata and beyond Classic.
This way people have a choice to level a character through the old zones and still progress further IF they want to.
The way it is now you risk people who enjoy TBC and Wrath just cancelling their subs.

And please consider lowering the price, €25 per character is robbery for something that requires no employee interaction.

:crossed_fingers: for someone at Blizzard actually reading this…

Rework shadow bring back Unholy nova with the necromancer pet please.

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