Turbo LF healer

Alliance EU


We are two rl friends looking for a healer for turbo (enhsham, warr, heal). We only play evenings gmt+1.
Looking for someone who wants to get better and doesn’t care too much about CR. Voice chat (scandinavian or English), mature (we’re over 30). We’re currently at 209/213 ilvl only pvp gear. Not really started 3s yet (enh on 1600, warr unrated in 3s) as we’re missing healer. We talk through our games and find weaknesses and strengths and try to learn from them.
About 400 games in 2’s.

If it sounds interesting to you let me know and we can get in touch and try some games!

Jes-Grim Batol

still looking for a healer? im a return player for SL, 210 MW highest rating ive been was 1575 in WOD but very interested in 3v3 again.