<Twisted Red> lf addition to the main roster

Hey there!

We still consider us a new guild that recently moved from Draenor to Stormscale. Right now we have a roster of 16 people in total and are looking for certain roles to add.
We always aim for CE in our own pace with no promises. In the first 2 weeks we cleared normal and sit on 6/10hc now with more to come. We may not be the fastest for now but expect that to change once we have our full roster we can rely on.
Our raid times are 7:30-11:30pm st on Thursday and Sunday.

Roles we need:

If you are interested and play any class listed above make sure to leave me a message on Bnet or Discord.

Bnet: NeszTwo#2145
Discord: Nesz#7987

Upgraded our needs.

Are you looking for a tank still if so I have a vengeance dh I’m looking to home currently 8/10hc on my priest but I prefer tanking currently around 180 ilvl but looking to cram mythic dungeons this week along with lfr m+ and normal cn if I have time

Hey, sorry to say but we just filled our last tank spot yesterday.

No worries gl with cn

Thanks, you too :slight_smile:

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