Twisting Corridors: A week's worth of gaming wasted

I just wanted to share my insanely frustrating first encounter with Twisting Corridors.

I am a casual gamer, who has at the most 2-3 hours in a day for gameplay and only once or twice a week. This week I wasted it all on Twisting Corridors.

Today I got the Campaign quest to enter Twisting Corridors.
It turns out that this is not the usual number of floors but 18 floors. No warning or heads-up… it just keeps going.
First you spend 45 minutes and pass level 6 & 7 and it goes on… And you go… “Oh…”
45 minutes later you are passing through floors 13… 14… 15… and it keeps going. By this I am running out of time, but have invested so much that I feel I have to finish it.

Finally I reach the final boss at floor 18 (not quite sure it is actually the final one, as I thought the same thing at floor 6 and 12).
I have cruised through all floors. It has all been insanely easy up until now… Time consuming, but easy.
However, the boss hits for 45k. I have 122k hp. Through a lot of kiting and trying to interrupt the heavy-dmg spell he casts, I die once… then twice… and I end up with just one attempt left. I manage to burst the boss down to around 15%, but apparently his spell increases in damage over time (or at low hp) and he manages to get ONE off at the end - One-shotting me.
GG. A total of 3+ hours spent with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Final thoughts here;
I enjoy the concept of the game being challenging. However, there is a major mismatch between the difficulty of the floors and the final boss. Everything up until the near-impossible final boss has been insanely easy… In no way an indication that the final boss would be so difficult. If this had been the case, it would seem less senseless.
Also, for someone who is more of a casual gamer, hiding main campaign content behind something that takes 3+ hours with a chance of being just flat out wasted is really a killer for me. I will not be attempting that again as the risk of wasting another 3 hours is just not worth it, and frankly it puts me off playing as it is a blocker for my progression of my character.


  1. If you have 18 floors in one scenario, you need to implement a save mechanism.
    I’d suggest it was simply split into 3 different, increasingly difficult, runs of Twisting Corridors.

  2. The floors needs, to a much greater extent, be an indication of the difficulty of the final boss. Having 17 floors of left-hand-mindless-semi-afk-oneshot-everything-cruising only to be following by an insanely difficult, mechanically simple boss that just kills you in 1-3 hits… Is just. not. fun.

  3. Thorgast rewards needs to be split between the floors. You could still have the majority of the reward based on completing the run, but the fact that you gain ZERO of anything from a run that ends at the final boss is just incredibly demotivating.


@OP: If you are there just for the quest to find clues your progress is somewhat saved. If you have 2/3 clues for example, you can start over and get the third clue from the boss on floor 6, unless it’s been fix/removed. Basically if you have trouble clearing the entire thing and only want to be done with the quest, you can do the first 6 floor 3 times for the clues.

With that being said I agree 100%, Twisting Corridors has not been a great experience. I’ve done 6/8 layers and it’s so boring I can’t stomach more than 1 run pr day. I actually have to force myself into doing it. When I get the stupid mount from layer 8 I am never going back (although I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a flying mount from there to use in the maw at a later patch…).

There are multiple problems:

  • Too time consuming. You need to set aside 2+ hours. If you fail or run out of time because of irl stuff, that time is 100% wasted. You get nothing.
  • RNG once again plays too much of a factor. There are certain things you need to complete final boss, and the %HP powers that are otherwise not really needed in the other parts of Torghast are suddenly one of the most important ones because of the insane damage scaling after floor 13-14.
  • Difficulty curve is awful. 2/3 of the run is trivial where you are steamrolling mobs and basically grinding a build. If you pick the wrong powers, or just have bad luck, you won’t know it until the run is almost over. There is nothing that prepares you for what is waiting on last floor, unless you looked up guides or already know which build to go for.

I would love to see some data on how many players actually thinks it’s fun and/or rewarding to do Torghast, especially Twisting Corridors. So far, every single person I play with are complaining about the same things, even though they have finished it or are almost done.

Actually there was a heads up, but I suppose most people didn’t read it.

Actually you have something to show for it. Experience. You learned that final boss is hard and you should make anima power choices accordingly (favor anima power increasing single target DPS and survivability over AOE abilities for example). You also learned that may be your gear level is not high enough now, so you can come later when you have better gear.

If I remember correctly, the main campaign quest items drop from bosses in floor 6 and 12. So you should be done with that.

Torghast in general (and not just twising corridors), is deceptive. A lot of times players can fall in a trap of choosing abilities that lets you blast trash, but has little or no use on bosses. The fact that you continue to blast trash as you said makes people don’t realize they are not going to kill the final boss.

Yeah. Too many builds are straight up traps. There is a build for DKs where you can link mobs with chains of ice and make them share the damage. Amazing for zerging down trash, especially in a group, but 100% worthless for bosses. And like you said, you are just blasting through trash most of the run.
It’s not until the final 3-4 floors where stuff is starting to hurt and at that point it might be too late to fix mistakes with your build.

The difficulty curve is the equivalent to a 10 boss raid, where the first 8 are LFR tuned and the last 2 are heroic.

That’d be nice. I’d have taken those in a heartbeat. But instead the tower decided that I really want my rats to explode for 45K, and move very fast when I’m near walls.

18 floors, about 100 anima powers. are you saying that ALL your choices are crap? come on, I play this game too. Yes, you can get some crap choices, but not good enough for layer 1?

Oh, I had a few good ones. But I was also sorely missing a few necessary ones, especially health upgrades, which I have gotten not one of. Still killed it but bloody hell was it an annoying matter.

That’s the thing. RNG is random, and yes, it can, and does, screw people over. I’m not even complaining, I know how it goes with alleged “roguelike” elements. Sometimes you just get shafted. The problem is that each Torghast run is self-contained which means an essential element of “roguelike” is missing, so if you had a worse RNG run, all that time and effort just gets wiped out, as opposed to a true roguelike where it will still contribute to your power in future runs.

So yes, “you play this game too”, but don’t pretend you know better what other people’s experience is than them.

I really feel the same way about the time consuming part for part-time players.
Can play 2-3 days for max 3 hours but with having kids/wife/dog etc. I need to spread those hours.

I would LOVE to skip twisting corridor but somehow they make me do it because of the quest. Don’t really care about the mount as I probably make it near the end of the expansion.

Suggestion would be by saving progress after 6 layers and resets every weekly

Twisting corridors is insanely dumb all together. Yet you need to do it… Great work, blizz. You morons.

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Well if you only care about the quest you can repeat floor 1-6 for the clues. No need to do 18 floors. If you already picked up 1 clue, you’ll get the next one if you repeat floor 1-6 again

I’d rather just make the floors shorter. Like, make TC floors take about half of what “normal” floors take on average.

I’d personally advise to just not bother with Twisting Corridors. The amount of work is too much, compared to everything else, and the rewards are negligible. There’s no reason to do it, at all.

And the quest can be completed by doing the first six floors three times.

I take your advise, not gonna bother with it. Lots of time with no reward (almost the same as raiding atm lol :smiley: )

I have to say I can empathise. I’m only on Layer 3 at the moment, but I spent 3 hours tonight like you mindlessly left-handing my way through the whole thing until Floor 18’s boss Overseer Zelgar who literally one shots me with that god damn beam… it is interruptable but his other attacks do enough damage to make it ridiculously difficult. 3 hours and nothing to show for it.

Actually the maw mount is a nice reward, and it’s a sure reward unlike the hunt potential drop.
Considering how crappy is the maw in general, speed up transfer is always good.

That said, Thorgast is really a disappointment, a massive one.
I’ve done all the twisting corridors, got the mount and now there is no reason to me to go back there aside the 2 weekly run which are a joke.

It’s incredible they spent months in the beta changing and tuning the place (not caring about everything else obviusly, who cares about class tuning and dungeon tuning), to have it rot in desolation once the game went live by giving no reason to players to actually run it.

What a failure.

I feel your pain. Spent over 3 hours as a duo on Level 4 of TC. The floor 18 boss (Grand Malleare) has a number of abilities, the worst being “Ground Crush”. It hit me for over 500,000! That, with the constant fire damage from the Soulforge area and no healing can keep up for a melee class. I feel like it was pointless. You have no control over the boss and so what happens if we try again and it’s the same one?

Ground crush is a completely avoidable effect. Walk out of it, walk back in.

I swear to God people like you just want to headbutt the keyboard and if you die to a completely avoidable idiot check you complain the game is overtuned or your class sucks or something.

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True, but I spend as little time as possible in the maw, recently I just avoid it :smiley:

Actually i’m increasing my presence there after i discover that high level conduits can be acquired only through the random generator venari sells.
Stupidest system ever.

“Walk out of it, walk back in”.
Gosh almighty, I never thought of doing that.
Well, thank you. You’re informative, helpful and not the least bit obnoxious.