Twisting Nether <Recursion> [H] Heroic Guild looking for more players!

[Recursion] is a PvE focused guild with the goal of getting Ahead of the Curve each tier.

We have a few spots open in our raid team and would love to get to know you! What we look for is players that put the team first. Recursion is a super chilled out, memecentric guild of friends who understand it’s important to be able to sit back and have fun both outside and inside of raid.

Quick stuff about us:

  • We raid Tuesday & Thursday 8PM - 11PM Server Time.
  • We have a mature and dedicated officer team that are motivated to support the guild in as many ways possible
  • We value time outside of the game highly and think it’s important that IRL comes before WoW. Lots of our members have young families.
  • We make use of a loot council during raids

We hope that you:

  • Are able to take constructive criticism and learn from mistakes.
  • Understand that there are always ways to improve and strive to become your best possible self.
  • Gladly use discord, as it will be required during raid nights. Using microphone is encouraged but not required.
  • Enjoy progression raiding, and have little to no problem being consistent with attendance, patience and reliability during it.
  • Enjoy goofing around with the guild!

We are currently recruiting DPS, a plus if you can flex into tanking/healing with the same toon, but all are welcome to apply.
Does this sound like you?
Head over to our website, recursionguild(dot)com/new-application and fill in our application form.

Thank you for reading, we look forward to hearing from you soon.