Twitch Drop: Get the Eye of the Legion Pet Now Live!

Twitch Drop: Get the Eye of the Legion Pet Now Live!

Earn the Eye of the Legion pet when you watch World of Warcraft streams on Twitch between May 16 and May 30, 2024.

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Nice I bought this mount for 370k a year ago.
Still waiting for spectral tiger drop. Remove fomo from this game, I know it’s good for making money but it’s should be illegal.

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It’s not a mount

Sounds like a you problem.

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Do you want fomo removed before the tiger drop or after?


But nooooo my prestigous pixeeeels!!!

this would be the perfet moment for the emparassed child meme.

edit, I misread…

I want an eyeball for a mount now :frowning:


Got it as a gift in WoD :slight_smile: Only one I would have wanted so far but refused to get because I am not making a twitch account! So lucky me.

has bliz ever done a mount drop for twitch? or just pets?

I think it be better to do transmog set and mounts. no one is really into pets.

…thinking, I’m sure I have this pet, pop to my collections and as it happens no, I don’t - I have 8 other eye pets. Cripes I didn’t realise how many eyes I had :flushed:


Pretty sure the Blazing Hippogryph was a twitch drop.

Isn’t that on the TP right now?

Popped to my Twitch and my rewards show this from 5 months ago - White Riding Camel mount

What do you meeean gotta catch em all!

go for it :dracthyr_yay_animated:

Aha - one I have already!
I don’t mind the Twitch Drops as there’s a streamer there who’s a normal person/player that I’m fine with watching.
However, for many reasons I would never touch Prime drops.


At this point im getting these twitch drops just so that i could say that i have them.
Doubt ill be using this as i dont rly do the pet battles

Time to run another muted tab for a few hours while working.