Twitter® Integration Removed from World of Warcraft®

Over the next two days, we will update World of Warcraft® to remove the integrated Twitter® posting feature. After this small update, the function to Tweet from in-game will no longer be available, and the settings which store your Twitter credentials will no longer appear.

This will not require any action by players.

All trademarks referenced above are the property of their respective owners.


Good decision, I approve.
I never really understood the motivation for having it in the first place, and even less so after the giant douchebag became in charge of the company.
I assume it was good business to have it then, and good business to get rid of it now.


Can we have the stutters and bad performance of the game removed too?


Oh no.

People still use Twitter? Makes sense to remove this Feature

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twitter is lit lmao

where else can you tell .gov officials they suck af at their job and if the prices don’t come down we’ll bring back the guillotines???

(i assume Musk raised prices but can’t know for sure)

Is it REALLY because the devs don’t like Elon Musk 'cause he is a meany meany bad person? …


Twitter still exists? Waw, suprised pickachu.

Could you, if you delete twitter, add some more FPS in Valdrakken?
The 5 fps is quite lovely, but 30+ would be appreciated…


Quite how I see it and how political they are…

Edit: apparently they’re being charged 10k a month for Twitter’s API.

Wouldn’t surprise. Current team is very Californian.

I’m betting it has more to do with the fact that next to no one uses it than whos in charge of twitter.

So it’s probably a matter of whatever deal they have going wasn’t renewed because the feature isn’t popular.

I honestly forgot it was a thing.


There’s nothing to approve. Twitter simply shuts down the free API.


Cry moree, give me more woke tears, ou yeah

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How’s it anything to do with woke that I just happen to think the guy is an idiot?!

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So you think you are much more clever than Elon Musk.

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No I just think he’s an idiot.


I actually like him.

He riles up people in just the right way to amuse me.

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