Two handers for frost

Is there a bonus for wearing two handed weapon atm ?

Am i missing something out ?
[Might of the Frozen Wastes] is the talent = 30% increase obliterate dmg , auto-attack critical strikes always grant Killing machine :sweat_smile:

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That’s right, the talent is what helps you out when you can’t pick up another runeforge (and get lower proc rates)

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two handed fantasy is pretty much dead as predicted by let see … oh ye me the talant is to far into the tree you have to sacrifice to much to get to it :smiley:

and even if you could get it you’d still be inferior to dual wield :expressionless:

To be fair, you can successfully run 2H builds in the pre-patch. I’ve gotten 45k+ overall in Mythic+ and a rank 1 Mythic Jailer parse with my 2H build.


I gave it a try and it felt good with the mace from raid which i got with the dinar .

More like Bimanuspump, amirite?

Suffer well.

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