Two pc's running same game?

I have two pc’s both of which has a copy of WOW on them, sometimes i play upstairs on one and sometimes my downstairs one. If i play for a time on one then decide to play the other does the second play from where i last played on that particular pc and whatever happened after that can be replayed or will the game get confused by having two seperate places in the game. I usually copy my interface and WTF folders to keep my addons etc squared but yjats a bit of a faff, my addons dont really change now so was wondering what the game would play like if i didnt copy these folders

As long as you are logging in with the same account and character you will always continue from where you logged out.

Your addons are specific to the PC their on so you have to copy them and keep them updated.
Some settings are saved on the Blizzard server though, like keybinds and macros.

Thanks for the help

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