Two threads only before this

Shouldn’t have started here. Seeing how the transfers are going i think this server is dead.

Not true. This server is plenty busy enough. 7k alliance from my census addon. Read in another thread that there were as many as 15k horde.

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Let people think it’s dead, and we will avoid the toxicity that comes with high/full pop servers.

It might not be dead, but I counted 174 (alliance) people online today at around 4AM, that’s at the very least NEAR death. Personally I won’t hang around for long, as I’m here to play with people.

No one uses the official forum. Discord is plenty active

Discord - https:// discord. gg/3vpD6z

Just remove the spaces

Are you serious? Most people are asleep then. Genius to count players then. rolls eyes

Good riddance.

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Why does that matter? If I only play in the early morning it’s a bummer to have no one to play with. Isn’t a problem on the high pop servers.

From what i can tell, way more alliance than horde on this server atm. People don’t realise they have to leave big servers if blizzard is to remove phasing or whatever they are calling it. It will probably get better later on for horde on this server.

“way more”. Are you smoking? It’s pretty balanced I suppose, with a little bit more Horde.