Tww bg + rbg

  • Deephaul Ravine is a new battleground, mix of Silvershard Mines and Arathi Basin. Hold some points, push a cart.
  • Battleground Blitz was testing out the 8v8 solo queue and this will be the default for rated battlegrounds in the future.

Well that’s all we get…


Thats all what I want to hear/read :wink:


Stop adding solo shuffle esque content, its killing the game.


Does “this will be the default for RBGs” mean this is going to replace the premade 10v10 format we have now or will these brackets exist next to one another?

Probably replacement for old rated BGs. Which, in my personal book, is hard win.

They could add premades to the War Games option, if there are teams who want to fight against each other.

they will most likely keep both, it would deeply upset the boosters and the few that actually had a good group going for years and don’t see the point of soloq to have their bracket REMOVED

it will definetly be dead tho, because its so much more convenient to q and play by yourself isntead of sitting there are forming for hours just to face a r1 boosting team that deranked half season


I would prefer it if they kept both and also introduced a recolored version of the gladiator mount for winning 30 rounds on Elite (=equivalent of regular gladiator) in premade 10v10 RBGs.

So far RBGers have little incentive to return to RBG every season. There are the titles up to 2.4 and hero. Once you unlock them, you keep them forever.

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Well, at least the anti-premaders won’t be able to tell us anymore that if we want to play in premade we must go to RBG :stuck_out_tongue:

Random BG will be the only way to play with friends since the panorama in rated is the soloQ


Haven’t done rbgs since bfa and I know they’re dead but it’s a shame given the thing I enjoyed about them was playing with people I knew and the synergies we built up over time.

Hoping for MoP classic I guess.

If you queue as 5 to play with your friends who cares its blizzards intended design for random bgs, But if you are abusing the system to queue as full premade by syncing the queues together through discord or whatever or to queue full premade in epic bgs against a group of complete random’s then you are dogs and ruin the “Casual” game experience for the majority of the playerbase.

RBG’s were there for you to have your coordinated premade fight another coordinated premade on an even plain of both teams using voice and knowing they are going in there to play together.

Not a group of 10 randoms with some honor gear no team synergy no voice and half of them don’t know what they are doing cause they are new to the game/class.

Yolo random BGs is far from the competitive scene and if you are going in there with full coordinated teams in full conquest gear versatility flasks and full meta sweat comp to stomp people trying to get their honor gear you are actually dogs that can’t win in rated bg’s so you goto casual bgs to have your ego stroked instead…


R.i.P. rated battlegrounds community, why have fun with 10 people enjoying the social aspect and the tactical aspect of this game, naahhh blizzard should just admit they dont care about pvp.
theres no pvp development team, its just a couple of dudes that just adjust pve changes into pvp %s nothing else.

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WHEN ? ive been sitting lfg since 2013, id play rated bg EVERYDAY if i could, but i very rarely get the chance to.
anyone against soloq either sells boosts, or buy boosts, with a very VERY low exception of “actual friends that play together”


I hope it isn’t the blitz mode, I want generic solo rated BG xD

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In the other threads I have been insulted for playing 5 stacks in normal bgs. xD

We don’t even coordinate by voice. We only talk via text chat.

I think the impact of 5 geared individuals on the same team who have some idea what they’re doing is already going to be impactful enough to skew games, communication or not :stuck_out_tongue:

But we are in our right.

Yes, it’s just funny that that’s the state of random BGs at this point.

Btw everything indicates that rated Bg will be replaced by the blitz, therefore the only way to play with friends in bg will be the random ones.

If you 5 stack its fair game and I have no complaints against it, its playing within the expectations set by blizzard and not abusing the matchmaking so :+1:

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Ion already admitted BGs have been neglected and in TWW they’re aiming to make BGs one of the main forms of PvP content.

Deephaul Ravine and Rated Solo BGs is just the tip of the iceberg I’m hoping,

Yep. I don’t think many people have an issue with it. It’s the avoiding restrictions by syncing up queues to get 2+ groups of 5 players into the same BG that is the problem.