Tyrande, the new World Tree, and the Emerald Dream [Spoilers from 10.0]

Firstly, this is one of the most amazing in-game cinematics they’ve ever made. It’s unbelievable how far this game has evolved over the years, to the point where the in-game cutscenes now have these kinds of facial expressions, and graphics in general.

I’ve posted before how certain I am that the Emerald Dream will be the next expansion, or atleast a large part of Dragonflight. The moment that seed gets planted into the ground inside the dream, I can’t help but feel like it might be true. :smiley:

Does this new World Tree have a name yet, or have I missed something? The name “Tyrdrassil” comes to mind, and actually sounds perfect. Considering Tyrande is the one who planted it. And now that even Tyr himself has returned, he might end up having something to do with this whole storyline at some point.

There’s also a lot of foreshadowing in this. When Malfurion says, “Are we certain it will be safe?” It pretty much confirms that something huge is going to happen around all this.

NEW Tyrande, Malfurion & Meritha Cinematic | A Seed of Hope | Dragonflight Lore - YouTube

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Crown of Tyr or Tyr’s crown?

Tyr shold stay dead. There is no reason to revive him. Also why is Odin still alive? He causes most problems during Legion. Guy is a villain acting as a good guy.

Btw, is there any relation between Tyrandes Name and Tyrr? Or do you think they might retroactively create one in an addon that features both?

It’s because Odyn doesn’t drop any loot, once he does, he’s done for.

I agree with you about him though, i’ll extend that to the titans and their creations, the hints that the followers of order are leading us on are being smeared on pretty thick, lately.

I hope they don’t kill Sabellian and Ebyssian just to push Wrathion. After the Greens we do not need another dragon flight in the pocket of the alliance.

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