Tyrannical is making dungeons impossible

Just to be clear, the group I usually raid with and do m+, we were pushing +14 Azure. Not to complain that the base dungeon is overtuned. If you wipe even once you can’t finish on time! Besides that, the last boss has garbage mechanics, it wasn’t a question of lack of dps or healing, we are almost all at 400 ilvl.
Does this sound good?
→ Can´t move, cause if you do you get a DoT; You need to move to clear thundering; you need to move to dodge storming, you need to move to dodge the balls roaming around; boss knocks back, upping the ammount of DoT that you have (for moving)
AND (on tyrannical)
Crystals also have increased HP, which doesn’t allow you to destroy them before at least one of them breaks! And that’s just during the first phase of crystals, don’t even start me on the 2nd and so forth.

Besides this dungeon, tyrannical is making dungeons completely impossible, one boss takes as much time to kill as it does killing 3 bosses without the affix and it just makes it so sluggish. These are dungeons, not raid bosses, jesus christ on a stick.

Welp, of one thing I’m certain, this is surely to go on Taliesin and Evitel’s “The Weekly Reset” as the s*** show part! :smiley:

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