Ulduar changes

Since we will be raiding Ulduar also in ToC due to ilvl increase we need following changes:

  1. remove trash in front of vezax (longest trash)
  2. add portal in front of vezax (in case u wipe lul)
  3. make animus insta spawn when vezax gets low (so u dont have to afk for 2min)

blissard wont read this but I tried anyway
prob what they will do to make raid faster is nerf ulduar even tho its easy since they buffed items->means we dont need to nerf it


I love this ilvl increase, we are forced into ulduar even in phase3 haha

Not really because is still ilvl 252 and there is similar items with similar stats but with 258 ilvl. Maybe for the trinkets yes and Valanyr

Big +1

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Ulduar gona be mandatory for those that wish to keep raiding with their guilds


Why ? People can’t continue raiding with their guilds on ToC ?

Nah, we already got enough hand outs with nerfs to the so called “pre nerf bosses”, buffed gear and also some classes getting buffed which also nerfs the content by default.

Ulduar is still pre nerf if you do it with Naxx gear and that what we all did at the release.
Ulduar is not really pre nerf only if you have 235+ ilvl.

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Ulduar nerfs were already leaked, it’s going to be nerfed down to Naxx level by the time ToTC rolls around. If you wipe on Vexaz post-nerf then you should just stop playing altogether.


Less changes are needed, not more.

Ulduar 10 normal and hardmode gear is buffed so no, its not pre nerf by the time you get your gear from fl ignis and razorscale. Pre nerf is when they are tuned to their original state and the gear aswell, so no daddy gamers, if it took you couple of resets to clear all hm’s thats not pre nerf you did.

Since they already added the Naxx skip would be nice if they do these things now, but if it’s on 3rd phase im happy as well. Ulduar needs more QoL stuff especially on Vezax.

You have a link to the nerfs? curious to see what they are.

It’s pre nerf since you have not more ilvl than the previous gear buff.

My dude stop pulling stuff out from your rear, the gear was never buffed in vanilla wrath.


Looks like the ‘leaked’ screenshots were just somebody trolling. That’s a relief actually; it really looked like they were going to butcher Ulduar as hard as they did SSC/TK.

An Ulduar nerf come ToTC is still likely though, since every other tier has been nerfed to hell and back.

Edit: typo.

Why would they do that when their intent was to raise the ilvl to make it not obsolete when totgc launches? Makes no sence at all


Blizzard aren’t best known for making sense.

Nerfing Ulduar wouldn’t make it obsolete, it would make it free loot. Nerfed Uld25 with 251 gear would just make ToTGC10 and ToTC25 obsolete.

Maybe not as drastic as the leak which proved to be a hoax, but I believe that once ToC comes out they will remove the Algalon timer and maybe nerf the hp and damage values of some bosses with 5-10%.

Ill be honest, after doing the same content for months on end, i welcome all changes to speed said content up. I really wouldnt mind to make all bosses have less hp to speed up the raid.
Personal preference though, but im prob not their targeted audience anyway.

Sure hope so:P

those are not nerfs just changes that make game more fun and faster