Ultimative Penitance being the worst design ever

Here are my arguments:
1- It has nothing to do with Discipline Priest. It’s literally a %100 Holy Priest class fantasy skill to Spread wings and Ascend etc.
2- Discipline is all about “Ramp” healing which brings smart CD management and rotation utilization with it. Ultimate Penitance with it’s totally Foolish designed CD, Cast+Channeling time+Uncertainty of Return on Ramps, it is NOT USABLE reliably with ramps.
3- If we had like a TON OF mana to spend, then we could design a work around to do a “Rapture ramp” and an “Ultimate Penitance” ramp seperately like every 1 min but we now lack SO MUCH mana after the reworks, we will be doing Rapture ramps only anyways so it’s much more efficient getting Shield Cap Stone talent which is much more reliable.
4- Even if we neglect all the above and get it to just have an access to an OH SHT button to use JUST IN CASE… It is bad and weak as an OH SHT button too. 1 Million healing ? Really ? Not even full health of 2 players now…

So, Ultimate Penitance, mark my words, it will NOT BE USED on raids. It is simply bad.


They butchered the spec with this ‘‘rework’’ , made it even more braindead with the removal of at least 3-4 globals , feels amazingly slow and clunky to play at least in pvp.
You fall into these weird windows where the 4 buttons you have left are all on CD and you’re back to this awkward weak smite spamming. No clue how this made it past PTR honestly , friends of mine are telling me it feels terrible in m+ aswell.

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tbh i tried disc priest because it is overtuned now but it literally has not enough buttons to make it enjoyable anymore. And the CD you are speaking of is RNG heal and best in ST dps

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Personally hate the squid build they’re pushing and simplifying the spec has made the rotation boring and mindless. Its understandable they are trying to change things up and it won’t suit everyone, myself included.

The beauty of the new talent tree system is that we can create our own flavored builds that will allow us to enjoy the class we play.

It’s time to get creative!

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