Unable to get Servant of N'Zoth quest

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I’ve been attempting to get the Servant of N’Zoth quest in order to get my Sliver of N’lyeth but have been encountering some issues.

I reached Assassin level twice on both a Level 60 and a Level 50. All kills were done in BFA zones (after the recent patch that fixed the quest popping up whilst doing PvP in Shadowlands), in both Nazjatar and Vol’dun respectively. However upon reaching Assassin for both characters the quest didn’t appear? I had space in my inventory and quest log, and was even able to attain the title Horde Slayer (but no servant alas!)

I don’t think the achievement has been removed, but would like to see if anyone else has encountered problems with this recently?

Thank you!

According to a wowhead comment:

…the title should still be attainable.

That’s reassuring. I know they’ve fixed the bug that meant the quest popped up during World PvP in Shadowlands (December 8th: N’Zoth no longer has an active communication link between Azeroth and Shadowlands, preventing Horde and Alliance Assassins in War Mode from hearing the whispers in Shadowlands…)

I just don’t understand why the quest didn’t show up for me, when I was able to get Horde Slayer just fine. Didn’t die, had space in my quest log and inventory. I even died and got Assassin again just to check, but still no dice from N’Zoth. I’ve opened a ticket and submitted a bug report as I doubt the achievement would have been removed without some forewarning from Blizz. It even showed up in the What to do before Shadowlands guide from Wowhead in the “Still available just harder” section.

Just at a loss :expressionless:
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me though :slight_smile: Merry Christmas.

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Hi, I tried with a friend the last week in Zuldazar. And it didn’t work for us as well even we were both assassins. We wanted to try the pvp free for all battle zone in Shadowlands as we have been told that it was working after indeed killing 10 players of your own faction. But according to you and some other players. It has been fixed by blizzard and this cannot be achieved longer in Shadowland which is totally understandable. So I assume that they have removed the quest and the achievement in order to get the toy sadly. Hope not … we are going to try again in shadowland anyways and in Nazjatar one last time maybe. Let’s see…

Hello there, After several tries without success I finally asked blizzard to tell me if the quest is still available or not. But they just told me to follow the guide in wow head in order to get this achievement, without being more precise. According to me, this achievement/toy/quest is no longer available. If you have some good news on your side, please keep me posted. All the best for this new year ! :slight_smile:

Hi Abelion,

Thanks so much for replying and letting me know how your efforts went. It’s a shame that you also didn’t get it to pop. I got in touch with Blizzard and they said they’re aware that this is a bug, however they then linked me to the generic N’Zoth support page where others had issues with the quest instant failing instead of the more specific parts of our problem with the quest simply not appearing.

However the GM in my ticket very clearly said that he knew we had a problem getting the quest to be pushed to our quest log, so I believe Blizzard knows this is a problem, it just isn’t at the top of their agenda I guess. For now, I’ll keep monitoring patch notes I guess! Let’s hope we get our slivers soon :slight_smile:

PS. Did you try it in Nazjatar as stated? I tried in Vol’Dun and Naz but no luck. I definitely wouldn’t bother trying it in SL since it was 100% fixed in patch notes!

Hello Inés !

Thank you for your reply ! You had luck with your GM as ours were not aware of any bug etc… They advise us to report the bug that’s what we did finally after several attemps in SL, and BFA zones including Nazjatar :wink:

As you stated, we will see in a few months if they will finally fix it as it’s not of their top priority ! We should be patient I guess :frowning:

On our side we are checking the patch notes as well with attention :yum:

Thanks for your feedback and reply as well !

Take care and cya :slight_smile: :grin:

Cannot wait longer… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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