Unable to remain in queue + randomly kicked in bgs

I am brand new to PvP, started literally today. When I queue up and hover the “Eye” to see how long I’ve been in queue it shows that I am in queue. When I look away all of a sudden I’m not longer in queue. Anyone know what might cause this or if its a known issue?

EDIT: I also, and it seems more people here, are also being kicked from the dungeon without deserter debuff.


Never heard of this before, have you tried relogging?

It can happen and usually because of some addon

This. Disable 1 or more of your addons.

happened to me too, me and others also got randomly kicked/ported from BG with no deserteur buff many times this WE.

For me it started today, this evening. I played BGs all day long and now the game is silently removing me from the queue.

Same for me … I got kicked from the queue, BG and even solo shuffle. Never happened before … (always got the Deserter/No-Show mark)

yeah I’ve gotten kicked from like 8-10 different epic bgs today, with no deserter

It’s because the hamster is so tired of the massive amount of premades that it started randomly kicking everyone:-P

In all fairness I’ve heard several ppl complaining about it in bgs today

I was going to say ironically that it’s the fault of premades, but I see that you already wrote it.

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