Unable to see who rolls greed or need in chat


I am unable to see what party members have chosen when an item is being rolled for. Only once everyone has made their Need/Greed/Pass choice, do I see the result of the winning roll and whether that was a Need or Greed roll.

I have tried disabled all addons, but it doesn’t make it come back. I haven’t been able to find a setting for it, neither in the chat-box settings or in the Main Menu settings.

This is for WoW Season, if it matters.

I created a ticket with Blizzard support, and they suggested I renamed my Interface, Cache, and WTF folders. I tried that, but it did not make it work.

They then suggested that I tried on an entirely difference machine, so I installed WoW Classic on my old PC. Fresh install, no addons. Issue still persisted.

This leads me to believe that there must be a setting somewhere, or a console command, that changes how loot rolls are displayed in the chat.

Does anyone have any ideas for this?

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Yirman from Lone Wolf EU.

Chat channels are saved server least, there least used to be option to reset them, either from the menu directly when you right click the chat tab or from settings under it. I am not sure how classic client differs on that regard.

If I remember right, there should be options to hide/show loot, loot rolls etc. in the chat settings.

Command /resetchat might help, too.

Right click the chat tab you want to see the loot info in and choose settings. (Probably the “All” tab).

Select other, then under combat category make sure the option for Item Loot is ticked.

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This is already ticked on, so that is not it unfortunately.

I tried the /resetchat command that Grelier suggested, so I just have to wait until I do some group content again to see if it did the trick.

To brush up on my issue: I only see the WINNING roll of an item. I don’t see what everyone else rolled for said item. Only way for me to see it is to open the /loot window.

/resetchat did not solve the issue. It definitely reset the chat settings, because I lost my other chat windows I had created, but I still only see the winning roll for an item.

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