Unable to submit a ticket

I opened a thread yesterday: “Huge latency spikes every several minutes”, and decided to submit a ticket with all the required data to Blizz (dxdiag, tracert, winmtr, pingplotter, etc.) - but all attempts to do so over the last several hours have ended up with:

“You can’t submit this ticket. An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.”

So to summarize: I’m unable to play the game due to something on Blizzard’s end, and I’m unable to contact them via a ticket because tickets refuse to work as well. And the presence of their CS on EU forums is close to none at all. What the hell is happening with Blizzard?

Have you tried a different browser? Sometimes it’s the browser or it’s security settings, for example blocking cookies can cause problems.

Different browser, different device, even tried on my phone with mobile data. It’s like they have something against me lol.

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Same issue here. I got kicked out of a solo shuffle match instead of the person who actually left, which got me a deserter and most importantly -200 CR. Can’t even write a ticket !

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