Unable to transfer away from Gehennas

Man you actually check the US forums? They actually get help directly within hours. All we get so far is canned responses and no action. Why is there such a big difference between the support teams from EU and US?

The second and “final” answer to my ticket is that they cannot workaround or cancel the mail in any way (why can they do it in US but not here?).

Literally been told it’s a waiting game and the only thing I can do is cross fingers so the transfers are not closed by the time my characters are transferable.

So what, we are migrating servers because the server we are coming from is overpopulated (so we are the ones taking the loss in reality) and we can end up with some characters abandoned in a server where I do not have friends anymore, and not even any of my other characters?

UPDATE: after 48h, although not solved by a GM I received the scourge quest letters, deleted them and managed to transfer my characters. Despite this, the customer service should be addressing this with better answers than “good luck”.

Same issue here, but even worse, much worse, seems like i need to get vocal on reddit and potentially every other oven out there, because this is completely ridiculous.

I had the exact same issue as many people here, unable to transfer my main from Gehennas to Mogarine since 12th September, due to this invisible mailbox bug.

What happened is i wrote couple of tickets with 14 days average response time on 12 and 13 and 14 of September, obviously they were not answered in any way even now.

And now it is 15 of September and they are CLOSING free transfer from Gehennas, and guess what? I did receive 4 emails in the morning today regarding that stupid quests in EPL during scourge event, which means they were en route FOR 4 DAYS or even more.

So basically what happened is that they literally griefed the whole possibility for transfer, and now i am stuck on Gehennas, but my guild transferred.

Latest ticket number is EU83472285. MOVE MY CHARACTER OUT OF THIS MESS

Not only blizzard created this whole problem with so called “mega-realms” they are by their own hands are griefing people, rendering them unable to transfer during this broken scourge event email thing.

Or you guys move my character to another realm, or enable free transfer again, because your game is broken making people unable to fulfill YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS about transfers and resolving this issues with “mega realms” you created by yourself

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I cannot transfer my EU region WoW Classic character Holyrolle from the realm Firemaw to Mograine. I get an error in character transfer screen stating that my mailbox is not emptied, even though it is.

Is my character expecting mail related to a quest? If so, could you provide the name of that quest and a timeframe for when I would be able to transfer. I was recently questing in Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands and Hellfire Peninsula and leveled to 62.

I would really appreciate if the mail was cancelled or that I could get an estimation of the time for it to arrive. Really hoping that this will not prevent me from transferring to Mograine. I have all my other characters transferred already.

Thank you.

Ticket ID: EU83436421

I have the exact same issue

Ticket ID: EU83438197


On the US forums people have managed to get specific times from Support Staff on when they will receive the missing in-game mail, information on what mail it is, or even had the mail cancelled it seems.

That information will be available to EU support agents, but they will not be allowed to pass it on, without authorization from their management.

So without knowing what has been authorized in the EU regions, its unfair to compare.

Just making an observation and throwing it out there. The situation is a bit frustrating as this is my main and some of my friends managed to go through the transfer without any hiccups on their characters.

I’m also dealing with that same problem Holyrolle!

Ticket Number: EU83440686

Dealing with this problem too. EU83439877

+1 here same exact issue

Why ask people to transfer then prevent us from doing so? If the matter with the current state of the servers is as important as Blizzard claims it to be then this issue should be quite high on the priority list.

Please help us help you Blizzard.

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It’s unlucky coincidence as linked above by Mexi:

Keep your ticket open they’ll be helping asap.


Hope they fix this before they lock down mograine or remove free transfer to that server…

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well I made ticket and first average wait time it was 7days 9h and now it says 7 days 16h so the wait time is not even going down but rising lol, blizz is terrible, everytime when I get my butt beaten on golemagg I’m closer to quit wow and never return fr.

The average displayed time is the longest ticket in queue, yours may be helped faster.

It seems that even opening a ticket is not enough.

Haven’t been provided with a solution at all, only that I should wait and pray so the free transfers are not closed by the time I receive the cursed quest email.

Honestly a situation that does not make sense, I am moving characters from a server I played in since classic release, just for the sake of healthier servers, and all the help I get is to “cross fingers”.

The issue has been resolved and a GM cancelled the inbound mail after reviewing my ticket. It took roughly 12 hours, so I would say it was a lot faster than I expected. Hurray!

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Updating as after 48h, although not solved by a GM I received the scourge quest letters, deleted them and managed to transfer my characters.

Despite this, the customer service should be addressing this with better answers than “good luck”.


Im also having this problem, on my third day of waiting for a reply on my ticket. This is starting to get really stupid.

Ticket ID: EU3447428