Uncover the Secrets of Delves in The War Within

Uncover the Secrets of Delves in The War Within

Take your adventure to a new level with Delves. Explore bite-sized world instances, gain experience, and epic rewards! You can explore alone or with up to four additional friends, along with an NPC companion—Brann Bronzebeard— you customize through their talent tree.

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What happened to Brann Bronzebeard? :wink:

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He was hungry from the delving and ate the letter r


cutbacks at blizzard mean they couldn’t afford him and had to settle with his younger brother, “Bonzebeard”.

This seems very neat!

The last sentence should be Khaz Algar and not Khaz’Algar, as in other articles.

They’ve started the beta, just forgotten to start the servers…
Bit like they’ve forgotten to switch DLSS Frame Generation back on in D4 :slight_smile:

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