Undeleted character stuck in old guild but cannot rejoin or be kicked

Hi all.

Update this was fixed with the weekly server maintenance, probably not worth contacting a GM (was a 4 day wait on my occasion) they won’t be able to do anything to assist.

Can’t find anything online regarding this issue.

I stupidly deleted the wrong character and instantly undeleted. I know deleting a character removes you from a guild but since doing so, I am no longer guilded but also stuck on the roster…spoke with my Guild master and he cannot remove or readd me.

This seems rather silly and simple to fix but even with this morning’s game update I’m still stuck guildless (but guilded if you will) I can see how many members still under guild tab and the GMOTD but clearly in a void…unable to see guild chat, or leave.

I have .old all wtf, cache etc to no avail. Tried on a different computer too.

Any help greatly appreciated, unless the server maintenance will reset saved server cache like this?

Character name: Etchedhc - Pyrewood Village, guild Legacy.

I tried to join another guild but could not be invited, so I created a new guild to see if this would force reset things, sadly not…

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