Undeleting character is not working (no reply by Blizz support)

I’m trying to undelete my character for last few days,but each time it shows me a note “there was a problem restoring your deleted character, please try again later”.
As far as i know this should not be happening and i need a help.
I created a ticket 3 days ago, and got no reply by blizz support yet,while it shows 24 hours time to get a reply…

by the sounds of it, that’d be a bug, unless u have a char whos taken the name your Deleted character had…

blizz Support is currently longer, less People in the office and Lots of people working from home, its a Pandemic atm… exceptions sadly have to been made realistically.

Well on support webpage it says "you may experience increased waiting times or severely reduced live chat and phone support

Which realm are you trying to restore it on and do you have characters on that realm?

Ashbringer PVP (EU) ,its Classic btw

Ashbringer is locked, you need a character on there to restore them.

Also remember one faction per PvP realm.

Yeah,its locked…I wish i could get a reply by support to find a solution to this problem

As I said, you cannot restore a character if the realm is empty for you or you are trying to have both factions on there.

So if you have deleted all your characters on there you cannot restore any.

The only way round it is to wait for your ticket to be answered but it’s not 100% they will do it.

If, as Dottie says, you are trying to restore a character when you have no live characters on that particular locked realm, you won’t be able to. See this blue post Hi there Aroukati, the reason is because character creation has been restricted for people with no characters on the realm, which the undeletion behaves as in this case.

Thanks for info mate!

i have the same issue too . i didnt know my server was locked and i had deleted mt main . i wanted to come back to game and now cant restore my char. they have to make an exception for this. i m not trying to park a char there i just want to play with my main.

I have a same problem

they have to hotfix this , i cant play the game now and 8 days ticket response time … cmon blizzard…

You can play the game, you just can’t play on the character you deleted. I have to ask why the extreme frustration about a character you chose to delete? Why delete it?

As quoted by the Blue Post.

does it matter to why i deleted it ? when i delete it there was an option blizzard gives me : i can restore it later. i wanted to delete it before, but now i wanna play with it . we all have some ups and downs. i deleted it cause i had an option that blizzard gave me so i m asking for help now . they can easly do it .
i dont understand this forum. people are always talking for blizzard and never for players .
i cant play the game caue i WANT to play with the char (lvl 45) that i deleted. whic this is my right since blizzard gives an option to restore it and this is not even a free game i pay for this so asking to company that i pay to fix a problem should be a normal thing dont you think shammoz?
(sorry about broken english not my main lang)

Remember character deletion is intended as a permanent solution, so in the future you should consider deletion more carefully on characters you may want to use in the future.

also they should add a warning like ‘’ if server locks you cant restore in the future ‘’ or something like that. so this is blizzard fault if you ask me

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Hi there everybody just a small update if you missed it.

It seems that the developers have made it so players can restore characters on Locked Realms since this weeks maintenance! So you should try again. Thank you for all your feedback on this issue.

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I know the post is from a while ago but it just happened to me.

Deleted my only character on Firemaw JcJ and now I am locked and cannot play. I don’t think this has ever been solved.

The worst part about it is that my subscription is still active so I’m literally losing money.

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This thread is more than 2 years old and I guess things have changed since then. I have seen several blue posts recently saying it’s not possible to undelete characters on locked realms.

Character deletion is not “Unused Character Storage” either.

IMHO, character recovery should only be performed by a GM, and only for very specific reasons (hacked, child being malicious, etc).

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Nothing to do with storing my character.

Literally, all the horde moved from Firemaw so my only way to play was to move to the alliance. I just wanted my nickname on the other faction without paying a character transfer/name change

And if you ask me, it’s pretty dumb that you can not restore a character if you “don’t have a character on that specific realm”. It LITERALLY means that you have a character in that realm if you’re trying to restore it.

If they plan to block you from doing it, just delete the option from the beginning so nobody makes the mistakes.

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