Unfair treatment

Dear Felow gamers and blizzard,

About 10 days ago ive been banned from wow classic.

At the time of ban, i was playing my mage along with a few friends and my secondary account.
All of us got permanently banned and given the same reason. “Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorised Cheat Programs (Hacks)”,
At the time 4 of us were just standing waiting, as my mage was gathering mobs and killing them for experience and loot using in game mechanics to achieve it. How is boosting friends in a dungeon against TOS? Since when?

At the time we were convinced that this was just an automated ban and we were wrongly flagged as bots.

So we appealed our ban. Our appeals were initially discarded and the ban upheld, after many attempts one of my friends got his band lifted and the other one got his ban lifted a swell a few days later. I have appealed my band around 8 times, with no real response. Only got my ban reduced to 6 months, which is not good enough since i am innocent… Since then All i get is the same scripted messages.

If we all got banned for hacking, how come my friends got their ban lifted? How is that fair?

In one of my appeals, i actually requested the GM to provide me with the complaints procedures. To my surprise that request, was completely ignored. This is outrageous and border line illegal (at least in some countries), to deny a consumer the right to raise complaint, specially for unfair treatment.

I know ones word is not worth much in this day and age but, I have never cheated and never will. As for the possibility of me being hacked and/or having any software that could be perceived by you as hacking, i highly doubt that.I am technologically literate and have worked in the IT industry, i have allays been careful with what i install on my computer, Not only to protect my gaming accounts but MOST importantly my personal information such as bank details, passwords and private files.
At the time of my ban i scanned my computer for any suspicious software and running processes and i have found nothing. Additionally i checked for logins on my account and found nothing suspicious.

Given the current state of botting/hacking in world of Warcraft, being a recurring issue in current wow classic and live versions, i can only assume that my account somehow, was wrongly flagged and banned alongside with real bots/hackers. I am also not the only one known to be affected by this, others members of the community, including streamers/youtubers such as Arlaeus, luke from LTT to name a few that have lost their accounts due to this “shoot first, ask questions later” style ban wave.

I do understand with the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic has affected all businesses operations and has limited their ability to deal with high workloads . Yet i feel its no excuse to treat your customers like this.

At this point i am willing to go further with this. Being wrongly accused of hacking/botting and being unfairly treated like this, for me its no longer about pixels, epics and characters, its about my honour as a person and as a paying customer.

I am tired with the one way conversation with your supposed “game masters” . They never respond to direct questions or even facts and you dont get to ask follow up questions. That is not very humane in my opinion.

At this point i barely have any hope, and so before i raise a complaint with BBB and/or FTC and call it quits, i hope this post reaches an human being at blizzard and my case properly reviewed as im not able to open any further tickets.

Thank you
Kind regards

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It is not possible to discuss bans on the forums. Your appeal has been reviewed and lowered to 6 months, this is already considered “lucky” as most will remain permanently suspended with no chance on removal.

If you threaten any legal action, they will not respond any longer and just direct you to their legal team.

P.S. You’re on the European forum and raising a complaint to the BBB which is known for being bought for their reviews is just troll.

Im not asking to discuss my ban :slight_smile:

Lucky? What about my friends? What about streamers/youtubers that get their cases reviewed properly and their ban lifted.

Dont fool your self man.

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The banwave went out to all affected players pretty much at the same time. It was not about what you were doing at that time, it was about things that Blizzard believed you did previously.

Bans can only be appealed via ticket, that is the only response you will get here before they lock the thread as they are not discussed on the forums.

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