Unholy 8.3 PVE help

Good Morning All :slight_smile:

I’m coming back to mythic raiding scene for 8.3 but am slightly lost for build/talents, essences, azerite traits, stats.

Anyone got some information on 8.3 and what most are looking to go for in the upcoming patch.

Currently i’m playing with Unholy Frenzy/Soul Reaper which has been the staple for this expansion so far but was wondering if due to the abundance of secondary stats and corruption gear with %increase of haste might we see a comeback for Gargoyle, PP and Sudden Doom build?

Let me know your thoughts and what you will be going for in the new patch :slight_smile:
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Here’s what’s looking best coming into next patch:

Vision Major with stacking Magus trait.
Lucid, Iris, Conflict and Formless Void for Minors.

AWS, EF, SR and Frenzy going into AoTD with high enough haste.

Infinite stars corruption rank 1 seems to be most worth. Haste value and Haste proc also up there. Here’s a rundown of a sim I ran yesterday. Not everything is working properly since nothing should be negative in reality.

https:// media. discordapp. net/attachments/226347997280206858/663794348357451801/unknown.png?width=478&height=676

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so are we going for FM and Magus again? or do we only have room for Magus on new azerite gear?

Also thank you for the info :slight_smile:

in general, I don’t know where it comes from, maybe it’s because of the laziness of developers, but it’s a pity that they haven’t added some new class related azerite traits and some talents tuning.

Sorry I’m lost… to what are you replying to :joy:

I think they could have added some new azerite traits/or buff to allow more combinations associated with them.
instead, we will continue to be built based on those that are from the very beginning of bfa like fm,magnus or surprise.

Festermight magus all the way!


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