Unholy Blight/Epidemic swapping places in talent tree

This can’t go live. Just because you want to make mythic+ people slightly happier doesn’t justify you ruining the experience for PvP DKs. We don’t need another nerf, and if we did, I would be a lot happier if you just straight up gave us a dmg reduction instead of pruning our abilities and making the class less fun. Our talent tree will be ruined, we will literally have to choose between Gargoyle and UB now, which sucks. So what can you do to make EVERYONE happy? Make epidemic baseline. Not like any PVPer will use it, it won’t make the class OP, so just do that instead and I won’t unsub next reset, thx


How long have you played DK for?!
They don’t care! :slight_smile:


It is the most dead community of DKs few stay and give some serious feedback but with not much success it seems. Especially after so many nerfs,why people play this class??? So people how are dedicated to DK they with minimum fun at the moment or unsub.


I agree with you. Haven’t seen many posts about DK, I mainly play frost and our spec has a ton of problems when it comes to pvp. Good improvement for frost would be less gcds like make remorseless winter, abomination limb and death and decay without gcd would be smooth. But I hope in the next 2 years when blizz actually sees these posts they will change something.

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