Unholy got even more GCDs now?

It was a big complaint in Shadowlands that Unholy has to press so many GCDs to prep their burst. So why on earth have you added even more?

(probably not the optimal order) Unholy Blight>Dark Transformation>Festering Strike>Unholy Assault>Vile Contagion>DnD>Apocalypse. Add in another GCD if Army of the Dead is ready. So that’s 7-8 GCDs needed before doing the actual rotation. Other specs have 1-2.
You could argue that some of these are optional talents, but they are too good to pass up.
I honestly don’t understand what the philosophy behind this is? Does any of the devs think it’s super awesome and fun to just spend 10 seconds doing nothing except pressing DPS cooldowns?


If death knight sucks in season one im literally quitting the game sick to death of blizzards neglect towards this class


All three DK-Specs are way too bloated. I play every class in the game, and DK has the most Buttons of them all.
Its up to a point where its not even fun anymore.


Haha, thanks, mate, you made my day

I think maybe you need to check out Shadow Priest?

shaman has a lot more

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