Unholy set bonus - Please change it

Please Blizz, rework the unholy set bonus. Its awful.

  1. Its just a flat mastery increase that has no interaction with our gameplay.
  2. 4pc bonus is extremely weak.
  3. It does not help us in bloodlust openers where unholy deals the most damage. The time its gonna take us activate it (20 death coils)… lust will be over.
  4. Has no interaction with the number of targets we fight. In the time you activate it in M+ pull… the pack will be dead. Or we need to stop using our spenders at 18-19 stacks before the next pack. Wich is going to be very annoying if you just stop doing damage when the currect pack is at 5-10% hp.
  5. Cant think of anything good about the bonus in pvp.

Please rework it. If its going to be just a flat mastery increase… just add it to Dark transfomation or something. But idealy i think we need something more interesting. Frost bonus is similar but at least its Frostwyrm fury. Its a big damage hit and you dont miss out if you proc it at last few % of a pack in m+. Or hold it by not pressing rime for few seconds. While holding by not pressing epidemic or death coil is not the same.
Also Rime reduce the cd of our Frostwyrm Fury. Thats an impactful change.
Please think of something similar for unholy.


really underwhelming effect, over at the class discrod they’ve already broken down the numbers, it doesn’t even seem that significant.

Feels like they wanted us to choose some of those dead talents that they’re buffing, but came up with a really boring idea on the process.

Frosties don’t seem impressed neither.

Blood one, at least the 2p looks useful.

Feels like Unholy will miss out in this tier. Hope devs will have some attention to Unholy and make it more fun and viable. Set bonus seem not relevant. We gonna miss out on puzzle box too.

You pve players have had the last two sets sync for you. We want the death coil buffs sit on the bench for this season thanks.

I very much would like to believe that most of these are WiP, devs have been decent with seconds passes over the last few months.

Not to put class writers in some sort of pedestal, but looks like Bicepspump isn’t very keen on them neither. Loads of displeased discussion over at the class discord in general.

Please stop asking for interaction with number of targets.
This is a stupid way to build a class.
In pugs, if a very large number of trash is pulled, either the tank dies or I take agro and die.

Something we can stack and activate for more or less % or time would be great on apoc or UA. Then we can control it, boom

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Idk how set will work death coil hits two players so maybe we will get proc after 10coils.

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