Unintuitive design of demonology

  1. Core idea of current demonology is summon and empower your demons using your mastery and demonic tyrant. But our PvP demons from PvP talents “call fel lord” and “call observer” doesn’t benefit from any damage increasing mechanics - intellect, mastery, versatility, tyrant, Damage increase buffs.
    Observer and Tyrant will deal damage equal of 5% of Enemy max HP per attack - this damage (5% of max HP) will be less because of versatility and armor of the enemy. Right now in 9.0 with 200 Ilvl i have armor that will reduce physical damage for 10%, and i have versatility 25% of versa that will lower damage i receive for 12%. In 9.1 amount of armor and versa on our gear will be even more, this will make Fel lord less useful then it is now.
    On top of that Fel lord is the only demon whose health does not increase the more stamina we have. He has only ~11k of HP with any ilvl of demonology warlock at 60 lvl.
  2. Fel commando conduit states “Your Felguard deals 7.5% more damage and takes 7.5% less damage.”. But this conduit doesn’t work on Felguard from “Grimoire: Felguard”. If this is intended design, then tooltip should represent the correct info and tell player that "“Your prime/main Felguard deals 7.5% more damage and takes 7.5% less damage.”. This only lead demonology warlock to confusion and missleads players.
  3. Fel commando conduit increases damage done and decreases damage taken only for Felguard, while demonology has several PvP talents that are focused around different demons like “Pleasure through Pain” that creates a gameplay around succubus. If Fel commando conduit won’t work on other demons then Felguard, then later in the xpac Pleasure through Pain builds or Singe Magic PvP builds will be extremely ineffective. This is is unhealthy design. If Fel commando has worked with all main/prime demons then it would have been fair for PvP demonology warlock who want to experiment or play different builds rather then use felguard. On PvE scene it won’t create a disbalance at all
  4. Nether portal states “Every time you spend Soul Shards, you will also command demons from the Nether to come out and fight for you.” but in reality we will summon only one demon despite amount of soulshards we have spend on our abilities.
    Not only this leads demonology warlocks, but also creates gameplay loop that work against main demonology gameplay desing with using demonic core procs to create fluid combination of Hand of Gul’dan spells and instant demonbolt spells.
  5. Implosion spell doesn’t inform player that damage mentioned in tooltip is correct only if you implode imps that had 100% of their energy, and that their energy is used as damage modificator for implosion.
  6. Wild imps from “inner demon” talent exist only for 18 seconds while wild imps that was spawned by Hand of Gul’Dan spell exist for 40 seconds.

The core idea is to be a master summoner. But to e spend one soul Shard for an Imp and even one for each Dreadstalker. It would be a far better playstyle if HoG cost 1 Shard same counts for Dreadstalker. But both should be instant. Then Summon Tyrant only burst that needs to be casted, Demonbolt should deal chaos dmg.

Till this day the idea is great from blizzard but how this translated into the game is by far worse than bfa.

I think they should do a good work in patch 9.1, that is not something which can wait till the next xpac. We waited for those changes since Legion beta.

As much as I love demo and want it to work in PvP… I don’t think it ever will, they would have to change it to something else, not a ramp up spec, or they would have to buff it massively, and I don’t think they will ever do that. It seems that Blizzard is ‘ok’ with just one spec being viable and then they don’t bother much with changing the others, precious development time and all. It’s sad.

I happen to like many underdog specs right now, like outlaw, and I just can’t have fun with the current meta, feeling I should just put the game on the side until S2.

Your ideas are great, could you forward it to either @watcherdev or @warcraftdevs ? I was busting their balls for some time about pet survivability like a month ago, and lo and behold… it happened, so I don’t know… maybe… just maybe.

Ion? I tried to message him in twitter, but it was useles. I think that i need to be a popular content creator to be heard in this matter, and i only have small youtube channel, and i’m russian this fact alone makes my attempts futile, because blizz looks only at big english speaking channels.

I don’t know when it was, but an interview from Ion or someone else i think i have read that the devs are happy with demo.

Ion said when alpha started and they released first wave of changes where Affli had 90% of all warlock changes that “Team are currently happy with Demo and Destro”


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