Unitframes script help


So I have been playing around with a custom unitframe scripts truned into an addon that I found from Mes and I have been trying to get the default player frame (not target/focus) color to be the class color. The reason I like his unitframe script is that:

  1. no ui errors
  2. i happen to quite like blizz default uf
  3. the health bar is both on name and hp bar and name bar goes transperant when health is missing

Here is the script:

local a = CreateFrame("Frame")
a:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self)

      -- Unit frame setup
      UFP="UnitFramePortrait_Update" UICC="Interface\\TargetingFrame\\UI-Classes-Circles" CIT=CLASS_ICON_TCOORDS UC=UnitClass
      PlayerFrameHealthBar:SetPoint("TOP", PlayerFrame, "RIGHT", -66, 27)
      PlayerFrameHealthBar.SetPoint = function () end

      TargetFrameHealthBar:SetPoint("TOP", TargetFrame, "CENTER", -52, 27)
      TargetFrameHealthBar.SetPoint = function () end

      UIP=UnitIsPlayer RCC=RAID_CLASS_COLORS UC=UnitClass TFNB=TargetFrameHealthBar FFNB=FocusFrameNameBackground
      PlayerFrameTexture:SetVertexColor(.5,.5,.5)TargetFrameTextureFrameTexture: SetVertexColor(.5,.5,.5)

      f: RegisterEvent("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED") f:RegisterEvent ("PLAYER_FOCUS_CHANGED") f:RegisterEvent("UNIT_FACTION")

      function e(self,event,...) if UIP("target") then c=RCC[select(2,UC("target"))] TFNB:SetVertexColor(c.r,c.g,c.b) end if UIP("focus") then c=RCC[select(2,UC("focus"))] FFNB:SetVertexColor(c.r,c.g,c.b) end end f:SetScript("OnEvent",e)

      UIP=UnitIsPlayer RCC=RAID_CLASS_COLORS UC=UnitClass TFNB=TargetFrameNameBackground FFNB=FocusFrameNameBackground

      function e(self,event,...) if UIP("target") then c=RCC[select(2,UC("target"))] TFNB:Hide() end if UIP("focus") then c=RCC[select(2,UC("focus"))] FFNB:SetVertexColor(c.r,c.g,c.b) end end f:SetScript("OnEvent",e)

      UIP=UnitIsPlayer UIC=UnitIsConnected RCC=RAID_CLASS_COLORS PFHB=PlayerFrameHealthBar UC=UnitClass

      function colour(sb,unit) if UIP(unit) and UIC(unit) and unit==sb.unit and UC(unit) then _,cl=UC(unit) c=RAID_CLASS_COLORS[cl] sb:SetStatusBarColor(c.r,c.g,c.b) TargetFrameNameBackground:Hide() end end

      hooksecurefunc("UnitFrameHealthBar_Update", colour) hooksecurefunc ("HealthBar_OnValueChanged", function(self) colour(self, self.unit) end)

      b='Buff' st='Stealable' mM='Magic' mB=maxBuffs TFUA='TargetFrame_UpdateAuras' PFu=PlayerFrame.unit MTB=MAX_TARGET_BUFFS UB=UnitBuff UIE=UnitIsEnemy
      --     noBuffDebuffFilterOnTarget 1

      hooksecurefunc(UFP,function(self) if self.portrait then t=CIT[select(2,UC(self.unit))] if t and UnitIsPlayer(self.unit) then self.portrait:SetTexture(UICC) self.portrait:SetTexCoord(unpack(t)) else self.portrait:SetTexCoord(0,1,0,1) end end end)


So at the moment what happens is that the moment I take damage my health bar turns to my class color until then my unit frame is green (after I played around and made some modifications)

I think the reason this happens is that UnitFrameHealthBar_Update
However, for the god of me I can’t figure how to set on logon by default the health bar to be my class color instead of green…
I was playing with PFHB:SetStatusBarColor, etc in line 34 but with no luck

I should add I’ve tried ways to do a seperate addon for the class color on the player frame the problem is then the missing health from the healthbar at my name doesn’t disappear.

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