<Unixion> (Alliance) is recruiting



Unixion, a PVE guild, is looking for members. The guild consists of mature players (the average age is 30+) with Vanilla and TBC experience. Currently, we are trying to build a friendly and helpful community, and we’re succeeding in this. We do guild dungeon runs and are levelling together. Your age, race, level and class don’t matter, if you’re looking for a nice guild to chat with and to enjoy all game aspects - /w Regrat, Graier, Kortez, Barkeeper, Danalmighty, Theworldhunt, Mauricio, or Yulaviska (yep, we have a lot of officers because of active recruiting).

After we become fat enough, we’ll start raiding (at weekends because most of us have families and some real life (at least pretend so)). Got a Discord server.

Come and join us, let’s have fun together! (You can also get a demo version of guild invite just to check if it suits you :D)

Best wishes, Regrat, the red-bearded priest and Guildmaster of Unixion. May the Beer be with you! :beer:



Come join us :slight_smile: