Unleashed monstrosities question

i am now confused are those rares on weekly basis ?

are there way to track it ? are some of them normally respawning ?

cuz i fly around trying to find and wait and nothing only the big spider guy today i find and thats it

They’re world bosses on a weekly rotation. Just check the purple world quest to see which one is up (assuming you unlocked world quests in the broken isles).


These are not Rares; they are World Bosses.

Not so bossy to a level 70 now, but during Legion some of them were they were tough enough. :smiley: I have an amused memory of one early week with Withered J’im where they corpses were piled knee-deep. :rofl:

Like all WB, one spawns each week, so it will take you at least 8 weeks to complete.

A Wowhead comment says they spawn in a set rotation:

The order is:

  1. The Soultakers: Captain Hring, Soultrapper Mevra, Reaver Jdorn

  2. Humongris

  3. Shar’thos

  4. Flotsam

  5. Drugon the Frostblood

  6. Calamir

  7. Withered J’im

  8. Levantus

  9. Na’zak the Fiend

  10. Ana-Mouz

  11. Nithogg


Wowhead is your friend

Set it to Legion and EU and you should see what World Bosses are up each week.


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