Unlocking Vulpera with with my first horde character

So at this moment the game just feels a bit stale so i decided to try the horde side.
Never leveled a horde character before and i wanted to try out a Vulpera but i need to unlock them first.

Decided to make a Paladin (my main) and just level him up taking advantage of the new xp boost.

Found this article that said this:

You can unlock the vulpera allied race in Shadowlands by completing 2 steps:

You can unlock the vulpera allied race in Shadowlands by completing 2 steps:
-Finish the main Vul’dun zone storyline, which awards the Secrets in the Sands achievement (requires level 30 Horde character).
-Complete the recruitment quest chain starting at the Orgrimmar Embassy (req level 50 Horde character).

Seems to be up to date,could use some recommendations on where to go level.
As alliance i would just choose WoD after Exiles Reach and level up,in this case should i choose BFA to level up my first character?

First horde character for me so i am not sure which route to take,thanks in advance for the replies :slight_smile:

Since anything TBC or after is basically the same for horde and alliance, just choose any zone you like.


Let me just mention once again how sucky it is that you have to level another Horde race before you can make a Horde Allied Race. That made some sense back in Legion or BfA; not so much in subsequent expansions.

Anyway, back to your question.

Since you need to get the Secrets in the Sands achievement, you might as well get it while levelling, so personally I’d head to BfA and complete Voldun first, to get that much out of the way. Then complete levelling to 50 wherever else you like.

Or you could go to TBC or wherever for a bit before you head to Voldun.

I don’t see that it makes a lot of difference which sequence you level first.


I was thinking the same,might as well head to BFA and start there.

Doing some quests at the moment in Dazar’alor…think that is from BFA,dang this is all so new to me i can’t even remember what expansion i am in hehe

But yeah it is a bit sucky to have to level another character before getting Vulpera but hey it is what it is.

Thanks for the info

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