Unplayable lag, 1000ms+ and regular disconnecting

Hi, just hoping to see if others may have this problem.

Before I start, my internet connection is fine, I have tested other games, used internet speed tests etc. No problem there.

My game has become an absolute nightmare. Since 10.0.5 I have been getting regular disconnections/stuttering, surrounding an issue with rogue stealth/ shadowstrike. This seems to be mostly resolved.

However this evening, during my progression raid night, my world MS is over 1000, I’m disconnecting on pull and ultimately its completely unplayable. I had similar issues throughout the day but really started noticing how bad it was during raid.

Is it just me getting this lag? I’ve let my raid team down on this so I’m pretty frustrated.

Hello Augro,

If you were the only one having problem in your raid, it’s most likely caused by something on your side. You can try the steps in this article if not done yet :

If you don’t see any improvement, we’ll need your MSinfo and a MTR test. You can submit a ticket with the files attached.

started today for me as well, randomly get kicked off the game mid dungeons, can immediately log back in but it’s come close to bricking keys for me

Same happening in Wotlk classic atm. Sudden DC’s, hanging on login. Happening to many.

Same thing here. Random DC from game and Bnet also DCs on the background. Connection everywhere else remains fine and nothing else has any issues.

After a while (30sec-2min) Bnet reconnects and I can log back in. This is somewhat frustrating.

I’ m having the same issue since few days. It is happening only in some of my shuffle lobbys. Actually I can’t use any spell, but i clearly can see anyone playing the game around. I relog/reload nothing change until alt+F4. Everything works fine then. Btw not all of my shuffle act like this. It’s about 1/2.
I’m clueless.

I have the same issue and I’m sure that my internet works fine , the game dc for like 1min and then it reconnects and it’s so annoying making raiding and doing m+ kind of impossible

i’m experiencing the same problem, it’s on your end blizzard…
latency is ~10-15 ms everywhere else (ping / latency tests), ingame i randomly get lags lasting for seconds to minutes, latency home is okay but world is above 1.5k-5k (doesn’t update after that).
So far it happened in voti and court of the stars for me, on two different characters, tried to turn off all addons/ toggling “optimize network for speed” and “enable ipv6”, disable my ethernet controller to relog.

Blues have spoken, its our problem, not theirs!

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Same issue here, and it really seems to be on Blizzard’s end.

  • Home latency is fine, every other program/game is fine, it’s only on WoW. World latency is randomly jumping, and it’s literally unplayable when it happened (so far, for me, happened 3 days ago, and today),

  • You can still see people playing normally, only your character is lagging,

  • It’s happening to a lot of friends/guildmates, even though it’s not at the same timing/the same days depending on some criterias (provider ?).

  • A fun thing I did too : I logged in both of my accounts, invited my characters (so they are in the same shard) ; one of them was lagging with a high world latency, but not the other. :slight_smile:

Of course, we all tried a lot of things to avoid this issue, but nothing works. When it happens, we’re just like “okay, time to do something else”.

First time it happened for me & my friends was since this wednesday. Before that, never had any issue whatsoever.

I really hope Blizzard can check something on this matter, because it hinders a lot our group for any activity we can do (M+, raids…)

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