It appears the game has become unplayable for those of us who are stuck in the 50-60 bracket.
Ive rached lvl 55 and seems this is it for my journey.

  1. cant quest anywhere as gank squads on patrol
  2. takes forever to get into relevant dungeons
  3. horde has a lack of tanks in this lvl bracket

Yes im having a moan but need to put it somewhere where more then any of my guild mates can see.

Any solution to this problem?

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Did you not think about this when you selected your realm preference? Did you notice the letters PvP next to the realm name? It is kinda expected, i’d say.

Solution: Man up, we’ve all been there.

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Im not against PvP and love what it brings to the game in the world.

But whats challenging about hunting a player down so many levels below and killing them repeatedly?

Tell me to man up if thats your view but you’ve clearly not experienced how bad it’s got lately.

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Hopefully will get better once BGs release, for solution maybe doing quests before 5PM server time or picking up dungeons before peak time …

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Maybe take a break and try again next week when the BG’s are released. The gank squads should dissolve.

FYI: BG’s were announce to be opening on december 10

Yeah taking a break seems to be the solution.

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ZT is the only server where the introduction of BGs will actually improve the situation drastically. All the Alliance honor farmers will move to cities and farm the instant queue battlegrounds instead. The ZT horde will finally breathe free.
Other, Horde dominated realms have it much worse, they will have long queues for horde side, and many will still go to the world to hunt down near extinct Alliance to get at least some honor while stuck in the queue.
If anything, when BG’s are out, it will be Alliance levellers who suffer, as there will be NO lvl 60 foolish enough to not just make use of instant BG queues for his honor needs.


You should join strong Horde Clan.
They protect members and had a lot of warriors in tanks specs.

weaks clans will die anyway.

any guilds recommended ? I went to a rp pvp server where my former guild went, and that guild went bust because of ratio and balance on the server and what not. my chars are stuck there now and its near impossible to level them.

long story short, I want to give this server a try now, but without a guild it is a draining experience leveling this toon. ty and cheers for any advice or tips.

I recomended to check worldofwarcraft logs.
And Zandalar Tribe discord.

It’s a bit confusing whether you came or you left Zandalar Tribe.
At any rate good fresh start!
There a lot of guilds to choose from as fore mentioned. Scrolling down our ZT forums will help you too.

Just to help you a bit though, don’t expect any guild to take you from the hand and lead you safely to level 60 and raids.
Guilds enhance and expand your gaming experience, do not alter it altogether.
If your gaming experience is draining… maybe try another class or something.

Is the ratio between Horde & Alliance that far apart? I don’t see it myself. Alliance might or might not be the dominant faction here but, it’s not by as much as a lot of people are going on about. Just going by what my eyes are telling me and not some website it’s fairly equal and can change depending on what time and where in the world you are.
If you spent most of your time outside LHC, you’d be forgiven for thinking this server is a Horde dominated one!

The problem with this argument is that Blizzard increased the size of all the servers making all the pvp bottlenecks much worse. When people choose pvp-servers they didnt choose overpopulation and since there’s rather few ways to get to BRD/MC, Strat etc. it makes it all the worse.

Was around 47 when the PvP phase launched. No problems whatsoever because open PvP is not a problem. This is what makes classic a good game.

thanks for the comment. but yeah my bad, sorry about that. I meant I left ZT to another server because I got stranded on ZT. thanks for the input and the kind words though. cheers.

I am using wow classic population website as a reference. Downloaded the mod to scan the server.

Using another account to scan the alliance side and they are dominating the server with 52,4%. I would say that is pretty accurate, but the site depends on how many time different players use the mod and upload the datafiles.

From what i’ve seen there are plenty of players on both sides and i’m sure there are some alliance players who have been dealing with it to the extent i have.

The only other issue is not enough people rolled tanks and those that did are all scooped up. Weve a couple of pve tanks in our guild and one of them was in LBRS even though they were only lvl 52, just due to the demand we have for that role.

But hopefully today the world ganking will drop. fingers crossed

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