Unsupported for graphics related reasons

Hello. I am having trouble turning on ray tracing in WoW. I have the most recent drivers updated through Nvidia with my RTX3090. So I know my card can definitely handle it but the options to turn it on are grayed out. The graphics API is set to DirectX 12. My driver version is 457.30 and im currently updating to 457.51 to see if that helps. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

Check if you have latest Windows version. Go to “check for updates” and check manually.

Raytrace will only work if Windows 10 is up to version 2004 or higher. Anything lower than that and it won’t work regardless.

So if you have 1909 and lower, you won’t be able to turn on raytracing in the game.

You will be very disappointed with the RT performance in WoW, even with a 3090 :smiley:

With 3070 it works for me. The game did improve going from Beta to Live.

It’s okay, compared to full on raytracing game like Control, it’s okay but not one to show off the full range of raytracing.

Not got fps issues running WoW on 5900x and 2080ti with RTX on. Still on a 2080ti as you can’t get a graphics card at all right now and I’m not paying over RRP for one.

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