Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

So, Blizz gave us the opportunity to send gear pieces to out alts. That’s good, and I thank them for it.
But was it that hard to make Forbidden Knowledge account-wide also? I now have ~100 of them on my main, who obviously doesn’t need that many (at all, actually), and 6 alts thirsty for gear upgrade. But instead of simply sharing Knowledge among my alts, I have to farm them anew…


It is an Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

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While they’re adding things. Would be nice if we could buy the gear pieces as well.

We could before in Korthia for example so why not now too?

It’s okay, I’m older than 18 and know how to use a spy mode when surfing the net.

Yeah, thought about it as well.
Farming some pieces is a real pain in the bun, actually. Weapons, for instance. Got 1 for my priest yesterday, and guess what? It dropped me a left hand…

It should be account wide. The only theory why it is not account wide, is that, Blizzard doesn’t want players to farm everything on one character, and wants them to spend more time to farm on several chars.

Or they simply didn’t think it through :frowning:

They made it available in 9.1.5 so I think they will probably put it in later patch here as well.

I hope…

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Yeah, I need like 15 for this char. :joy:

You can. There’s a vendor in Valdrakken.

What’s the point when Season 2 goes live in less than 2 months. You won’t be using any Forbidden Reach gear after that.

It’s probably deliberate policy to inflate alt playtime. Because there always is some currency or such that is soulbound and other is not; a mix of the two.
Yes, it is annoying. But hey, for me this actually results in less alt playtime, but it feels very wasteful and pointless to invest playtime and gain stuff that is useless to that char but could be very welcome to others.

Further good point about the feeling of futility and resulting lack of motivation to play. This fast devaluing of stuff.
The new zone basically obsoletes many world quests and the Storm events. And this all feels so fast, I am losing motivation because there’s a severe carrot-on-a-stick vibe.
And this further demotivates from playing alts, because how can you gear up alts? By the time you got it done for a couple, new content hits and you probably can start over again with the next step.


Partially agreed.

  1. You still need to get at least one trinket “the old fashion way”, or maybe even both since the trinket catchup only gives you Sands of Temporal perfection which you can only equip once and is frankly not that good and besides the main stat buff doesn’t really do much.
  2. Not all gear slots seem to drop with catch yuo, you still need to get some with Storm’s Sigils.
  3. To get some weapons like 2h staff or something similar you still need Elemental Overflow and Storm’s Sigils.

The trinket, BTW, is even less useful because it interrupts channeled casts, either when moving into with with a motion-enabled channel or by simply standing there channeling and the pool happens to spawn under your feet. (It’s really annoying on an arcane mage.)

There are also gear tokens for weapons. I am not sure whether no staff can drop from them, but it’s a minor concern if item level is the aim.
(Although because I play the new zone very little, I chose not to engage in gambling games for my hunter but to get the weapon via sigils.)

I’ve been farming rares n all sorts and haven’t got a single one yet… Where do you get them!?

I got x30 of em, i keep or vendor em?

Maybe wide later.

But you can with the Overflow you buy a sack of oddities - its rng based though and most likely end up with more plate than the others.

From rares, bags you obtain for dust, different chests, vault, etc. Literally, they drop from every activity in the area.

I’d assume to get alts up to a decent(ish) item level so they can jump right in with S2 without the hassle of having to rely on normal/heroic/M0 dungeons. I’ve geared my Warrior alt up to 390 in like 2 or 3 days, just sending her item tokens my main gathered and doing a couple of rounds on the island on the alt for keys/Primordial thingymajigs/upgrade token drops.

But it’s entirely optional content, so I’m not complaining if I can’t use the stuff on anything but alts.

Must be a very disgusting drop rate then.

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