Unveiling AWC & MDI in 2024!

Unveiling AWC & MDI in 2024!

The Arena World Championship (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) return in 2024 to crown a final Dragonflight Champion and usher in a new age with The War Within™.

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So is class balancing going to be fixed before or after AWC? :rofl:

mdi is boring do the push one


I really like MDI :blush: no put the pitchforks down. As much as I hate RWF and Arena which I find very boring, two teams competing in dungeons where you might never guess cough Echo * cough who’s going to win. Also I learned a lot in the past of some nice routes, skips and tricks (talking about you snapping :sweat_smile:) .
For a dungeoneer like me MDI is entertaining.

well yeah there can be informative stuff but it’s usually so boring for me because the winner becomes clear too fast and the key levels is just… watching those streamers’ own streams is better imo. TGP on the other hand is more fun as an idea itself


I usually cheer for the underdogs :sweat_smile: so basically everyone but Echo lol.
I find TGP a little bit boring instead :blush: I can never make up anything and don’t know what to look when 6 squares are cutting my screen lol.

i really find it hard to take wow tournaments seriously.

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Amazing news. I can hardly contain my excitement.

But unfortunately I think I’ll be busy at the time. What a shame :frowning:

How unfortunate, I am going to be missing AWC and MDI too!

I can predict where will be some drying paint in need of attention.

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Map please.

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