Upcoming Darkmoon Faire and Valor Points Changes

The following changes will be made to the Darkmoon Faire schedule and the Valor Points cap in Cataclysm Classic:

Darkmoon Faire

  • Starting this weekend, Darkmoon Faire will become available every two weeks, instead of once a month.

Valor Points

  • With regional realm restarts this week, Valor Points will behave like Conquest and the current weekly cap will be replaced with a rolling seasonal cap. If you’ve missed any Valor Points in previous weeks since Cataclysm Classic launched, you’ll now be able to catch up from those weeks.
  • There is no longer a cap to the number of times you may earn Valor Points from Random Dungeon Finder each week, up to your normal Valor Points cap.

Holly they actually do check forums sometimes. Now archaeology plz

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I don’t know about the Darkmoon Faire, is it really needed to be here that often?

But the valor is a welcome change for sure.
Was thinking of stressing with another char to try and make it before the valor cap, but now i can chill. And level it in my own pace. If it’s 85 by August who cares. (Not that it will realistically take that long but you get my point.)

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What about the Legendary Warglaives? Can we get them available as transmog please?

Please give some love to Holy Priests. Some ideas:

  1. Fix the Chakra activation bug. Chakra randomly won’t activate despite casting the correct spells but it still goes on CD. If you activate it and cast any spell that does not normally activate a chakra state it also goes on CD with no effect.

Buffs (pick and choose):
2) Reduce Chakra CD to 15 seconds.
3) Holy concentration should give 40% regen.
4) Holy Priests heal less with PoH under Chakra Sanctuary than Disc Priests with Evangelism. Buff Chakra: Sanctuary from +15% aoe healing to 20 or 25%.
5) Lightwell should become a smart heal e.g. cast its effect on lowest hp targets. Or make it a pulsating heal.
6) Chakra: Chastise should convert dmg done into an aoe heal for friendlies within 15 yards of the target (atonement is single heal).
7) Chakra Serenity: Allow PoH and CoH to refresh renews.
8) Serendipity should apply to two PoH or Greater Heals.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?! Something good wtf! ggs Blizz! Do more stuff like this!

Now next up remove the damn 3 day early log in for new expansions and yall are making ur way to a come back!

Well done Blizz, now please fix this… Please balance Archaeology abit

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The raids are already out, who even cares about archealogy epics anymore, the world first ship already sailed.

Can you expand on this?
Darkmoon Faire

  • Starting this weekend, Darkmoon Faire will become available every two weeks, instead of once a month.

Does it mean that next Darkmoon will start this weekend or just the countdown will start for two weeks onwards.

Good afternoon Linxy

Thank you for posting this update.

I’m curious, will this all affect Justice Points (for example when levelling you are capped at 7 runs per week). This would be a great welcome bonus for levelling alts having Justice Points potentially capped to help with upgrading gear faster and into heroic dungeons.

Also, will older raids also give Justice Points too? I’ve ran my Burning Crusade ones and they are still awarding Badges of Justice.

Many thanks!

very nice change - will have fun farming 3200 vp next week :slight_smile: gonna hit exalted rep with dwarves with that too :stuck_out_tongue:

will have very fun wednesday evening after gym :slight_smile:

Just wanna make sure. This will affect all characters including those that ain’t max level yet?

Linxy mon be hard-carrying classical wow.

Hello again! Currently there is a visual issue in the Valor Points UI and we’re working on a fix that shows the correct number of points that you’ve earned this season as of this week (maximum of 6400). We’ll be sure to update the hotfix thread once the fix is live.

Additionally, the hotfix for removing the Valor Points cap from Random Dungeon Finder should now be live. Thank you so much for your reports.

Yes, any character you make that hits 85 will be able to earn as much valor point as everyone else have up until this point.

So if lets say the grand total this week is 6400 since release, your newly dinged 85 will have that as its current weekly cap. Then if you cap, it’s back to 1600 the following week.

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Thanks for clarifying that too me. Was wondering if that would take my alts into account since this one here is keeping with the cap.

Lies still bugged… capped at 1600 !!! season earned 2000/6400 (had 400 before reset) cant obtain more valor in heroics past the 2000/6400 ! so much for no cap

its a visual bug, pretty sure you earned more than 400 before todays reset. Its 6400 in total so far, not 6400 each week

Its worded wrong and showing wrong ! … they should simply just said that HARD cap is 6400 , weekly STILL 1600 ! so not a bug

If the weekly cap is still 1600 and increasing by 1600 every week, how do you catch up?