Update error. "Whoops, look like something broke, give it another shot

(retail)been a few days since i played, Was gonna log in today and play, The updater in launcher says intitializing, then scanning game files… and at 12% files scanned, it says “whoops, look like something broke, give it another shot” .

I have had issues before with inititializing being stuck etc (i think i re installed Battlenet launcher". but not this exact issue. Game was fine logging into like 3 days ago.

What do you suggest me doing. I will re install launcher again.

EDIT: EDIT: I re installed the game, and the same thing still happens. what the heck?

I have the same problem. Happened during todays (5th April) maintenance. Desktop App tried to update then switched to scanning then the aforementioned “Whoops” message. I restarted the app. Deleted the Bnet folder on drive C so it is redone after relog. Restarted my PC.
I can’t log in nor play. This is very frustrating.

I didn’t get an update, instead I was reinstalling the game itself and now I can’t even start the installation process after initialisation (see my other thread).

Are you guys in UK on provider Virgin by any chance?

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