Update old visuals & underperforming talents

Just a simple list of things would be nice to see. Focusing a bit more on UH as it’s what I main.


  • AMS is starting to look well dated.
  • All minions, but especially army ones are looking really dated.
  • Unholy Pact talent looked awful from day one, “flaming chains” more like flaming tube.
  • More DK specific customisation (eye glow, decayed skin effects etc). Especially after all the Maldraxxus looks, would be nice to get some up to date animations and effects.
  • Festering and Scourge strike feel really boring to press. take Obliterate or execute. Cool animation, satisfying sfx.


  • Defile has been dead since BfA. A talent that overhauls DD is a cool idea, just make it suck less.
  • Pestilence, well basically same story as above. It has never been worth to pick this talent on any build, ever.
  • Harbinger Of Doom, same thing.

Apparently they read these, according to Preache’s interviews that is. They also said they plan to do a lot of iteration (which tbf, looking at 10.0.5 seems to be getting there).


You are right that the design of everything is bad. Unholy Pact and the rest of the minions require glyphs. We didn’t have glyphs for a long time, they completely forgot about us.

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Since we’re getting a small QL updated in 10.0.7 thought I’d add a few more thoughts to the OP.

  • DD recolors: Seems to be a common occurrence to mix up our DDs with each others. Yes we have WA that glow if you’re on it, and yes we can turned down effects density of other players. But why not have the option to recolor it? Especially if it’s slightly spec themed. Blood can stay red and bubbly, UH can have a greenish or purplish glow to it, and frost can have an icy blue and a slight smoky effect on it. Just like AMS, can be a glyph.
  • non melee bosses (blood): Now this one is an odd one. Generally I find blood being in a decent state right now, works well in most environments. Sennarth mythic has proven to be a bit of a nightmare for BDKs, since they never melee, the whole bone shield mechanic seems to fall apart. I don’t have a particular suggestion for this, seems like an odd problem to have though. I understand that not having every class/spec shining in every scenario is normal and I dare add correct, it just seems odd for a tank to have it’s core mechanic not work no? Especially in a raid environment where there’s only 2 tanks amongst 20 players.
  • Overhaul Frost DK: I was maining frost in Legion, the theme at them time was pretty strong and we got DW a set of mini Frostmourns. UH right now seems to be the clear winner, in both metric performance and thematically. Not seeing very much love for the BOS build and the obliteration build clearly can’t keep up. My biggest issue though is that it’s a spec which is relying on procs, in other words RNG. UH and blood are all about resource management, procs are nice but not essential. Frost seems to very much be a make or break. Would be nice to rely less on that. Retribution paladins are seeing some love, hope frosties are next on the menu!


  • Pestilent Pustules (very low proc rate, furthermore, at high ilvl with loads of haste runic corruption doesn’t seem as important)
  • Feasting Strikes (too rng, risk/reward not worth it)
  • All Will Serve (oddly this one used to be bis once upon a time)
  • Rotten Touch (maybe this is more of placement issue, I can see this talent working super well in a wounds build if it’s effect gets additionally triggered by Epidemic. If anything this might work so well that we’d have to nerf the % hah!)

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