Update shaman animations please

To be honest… the dwarf animations are fine AF.

But they’re ugly…

to be fair, the only spell that still has the true spirit is Crash Lightning


Looks like blizzard doen’t give any attention at EU forum feedback

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Bring back old stormstrike and windfury with some more pixels✊️

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I really liked the old “lobotomy” animation for Stormstrike!

What? Like back in Wrath ? Not this one…Looks pretty bad.

Better than just having Battle Swing Flavour #3!

It fitted really well with fistweapons.

Imagine with stormbringer. Stabbyboi.

They could try this animation with some up to date graphics for ice strike at least…

I think it would look nice, if the new ascendace effect looked something like Dathea the ascended (if a bit toned down - howering in lower height, not so big…etc.) with the effects specific to the element/spec…

Blizzard can do it and more… But the players pcs was ready?

Ascendance model and old totems like tauren :nauseated_face:

Everything can use a little tweaking ofc, except for Lava Burst, my favorite projectile animation ingame.

The one that’s really metal is the old Windfury animation. Right now, it’s barely noticeable. Whoosh whoosh, big deal! BUT! TORNADO AROUND YOUR CHARACTER?!?!?! Maybe with a scaling effect, so 2-3 tornadoes when it multi-procs?! Epic!

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