Update shaman animations please

With Dragonflight bringing many new elemental models and effects (check the new lava effects, looks amazing) can we please have updated animations? Shamans were the ONLY ones left out with the last animations update. Some were updated but many spells were not, which makes it feel incomplete and just sloppy.

And while at it, update the Ascendance model or bring back the glyph from WoD. I do not even want to spec into it come DF even if it’s a fun and good build just because of how it looks. It does not fit the shaman fantasy and the animations are horrendous.

I pray every night, please listen Blizzard.


Probably none of the devs main shaman because it’s terrible right now.


You know it’s probably true that nobody in the Dev team mains resto shaman at the very last, was leveling shaman as a alt and the lvl 40 talent options is for spiritwalkers grace (or whatever the ability that lets you move while casting is called)

Restoration doesn’t get that ability until lvl 44, it’s just bad design that they get the talent before the ability, even if minor

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You mean other then Ion whos a shaman main??

Ion is a resto shaman, pretty sure many has linked his character several times over.

Just seems ion likes nerfing his own class alot too lol.

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Well he clearly doesn’t play just cus he mains it. My point still stands, you get a talent for spiritwalkers grace 4 levels before you get spiritwalkers grace. That’s bad game design. /Shrug


Well he does mythic raids with it. So he kinda has to.

However given the fact ghostcrawler keeping mage strong ended with accusations to bias. Maybe ion goes the opposite so the same accusation cant be mained.

There are devs who defintly kept their main classes mid pack or so, to prevent them being accused of “making sure their mains are meta”

Ion Hazzikostas does.

Balance Druids would like to speak with you.
Same flabby chicken avatar and spell animations since (almost) vanilla.

That being said; I’d love to see some shaman animation love in DF. Give us love and thunder plz.

Edit: “Lightning Bolt” lacks a bolt of lightning animation. In the current state it should be called “Ligtning Wet Noodle”

Monks would love to have a word with you. I don’t know why people don’t like Shaman animations, Resto water theme looks cool, different shocks feel impactful etc. The only thing that looks bad in my opinion is Lighting Bolt and Chain Lighting.

Meanwhile Monk got the same animations since MoP, they never had any updates, their animations were even cut out and now they got even fewer. Saying that Shamans were the ONLY class without update is kinda rich especially when their animations are pretty cool. Also Balance druids never got anything new to their boomkin form aside form glyph. Feral also is the most boring looking spec ever. And generally some Druid stuff looks messy.

I know we all want the best for our main classes but in the same time Shaman is not in need of updates right now especially when there are classes that literally are being forgotten by devs.

How about an update to the ghost wolf model? at least to one of the newer wolves since classic with more polygons and higher texture resolution on it, because it looks terrible. The raptor is even worse. I’m using the vulpine one. But when using a totem back item it just sticks out silly when you change form…

Please, would you be so kind and, as the OP and the others said, update the Ascendance model for Dragnoflight. I would, personaly like the most, if your character stayed your character and was engulfed in the element depending on your specialization but any update is better, than the current model…Or at least, if you currently do not have time/resources to put into this, bring back the old Ascendace glyph, that was already in the game…


Bliizard has a lot of work to do updating all the classes, their graphic spells, the sounds, it has a lot of work to do with details like these, but it prefers to continue feeding classic instead of doing a good job in retail… :smiley:

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Don’t mess with LvB please. It’s gorgeous (and looks tasty)

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Ascendance at least.

Please Blizzard, we can’t take this horrible model anymore. We endured it for 10+ years, it’s time for it to go.

Most shaman spells need animation updates as we are years behind other classes currently, but the most critical change needed is to get rid of that AWFUL Ascendance model once and for all.

I have avoided using Ascendance as much as possible the last 10 years and I didn’t even care if it was the best talent in most situations. I absolutely cannot stand that horrible model.

They actually gave us a glyph in the last season of MoP to get rid of it, but they immediately removed said glyph in the next season because it wasn’t compatible with Ascendance being turned into a talent in WoD.

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Stay on the topic, it’s not about monks.

Lightning bolt and Chain Lightning has a flat ugly 2D pixelated texture and was supposed to be updated in Legion, but then Blizz changed their minds last minute. That’s 6 years ago and the spells were already outdated by a decade before that.

Earthquake is THE ugliest AOE-spell in game right now. It’s absolutely horrible to look at and it also bugs out 90% of the time and becomes completely invisible.

All our shock spells have ALWAYS been lackluster to look at, and even with updated spell animations we got a few years ago you still barely see any animations on them at all.

Elemental blast is an ugly low-res mess that has looked the same since MoP.

Tremor Totem, Earthbind Totem, Earthgrab Totem, Mana Spring Totem, Tranquil Air Totem, Poison Cleanse Totem, Stoneskin Totem barely have any animation at all and just stand there with a very weak sparkling effect. Healing Stream Totem has a holy-looking sparkly glow for some reason and doesn’t match Shaman’s water-themed healing spells.

Icefury looks bad and outdated.

The Ascendance-model is absolutely awful and makes you feel bad and embarrassed about your class-choice every time you turn into that monstrosity. Lava Beam looks like $%^& as well.

Lightning Shield, Earth Shield and Water Shield have looked more or less the same since day 1 with that small and lame swirling ball around you that has only gotten some minor updates through the years. All still look lackluster and terrible.

Ghost Wolf/Raptor and other variations all use older low-poly models and could be using newer models that have been in-game for years already instead. Same goes for Enhancements Feral Spirit pets as they look the same.

Lava Lash and Stormstrike barely has any impactful animation at all and just look like regular auto attacks except for the swinging animation that changes.

Ice Strike doesn’t have any animation at all.

Sundering just looks awful, always have.

Regular Earth and Fire elementals look great after the last update, but regular Air Elemental and all the Primal Elementalist-elementals use those terrible 12-year-old Cataclysm models. These could easily be fixed with just a glyph to use newer expansions elemental models instead or at least bring some variation and choice. Why wouldn’t Pandas be using MoP-styled elementals for example?

Lava Burst looks pretty good, but could definitely be better. Most of our healing spells are just OK but underwhelming, and if you compare them side by side to Evoker’s new healing spells they just pale in comparison.

Shamans needs a complete animation overhaul overall.


agreed, especially some of the new talents we have got. I feel like melee abilities should telegraph what they are for things like pvp (and because ti looks cool) becuase you don’t get a cast bar. a lot of our talents like doomwinds and ice strike are near impossible to identify that they are anything more than an auto attack. ascendance is using an old cataclysm model still and so is primal elemental now that i think of it.

Im agree, atleast the enha shaman animations like Doomwinds/Ascendance/Stormstrike are such a meme.

Bump. because this post needs more attention :smiley: