[UPDATED 1 NOVEMBER] 9.1.5 Content Update Notes

[UPDATED 1 NOVEMBER] 9.1.5 Content Update Notes

9.1.5 is live!

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Ah yes, the Fruit Bowl patch.


Yippee! Give me those glowing hands and slanted eyes :grin:


Too bad Legion TW is over 1 month away from that point…

Why’d you put it in December Blizz? :((

9.1.5 - Fruits of Azeroth.


Well called the date correctly. Get to spend that saved up anima now. :slight_smile:

Not sure what I’ll do after than out side of the MT.

I mean that works for me.

You’ll have to wait a month + for MT though, after the patch hits… very disappointing to split them like that. :confused:

I doubt MT is ready (pretty sure it is not finished and the PTR testing will reveal some balance issues) so I’d rather they split it and get the QoL stuff out asap. But yes it would be nice if it was all good-2-go.


Can’t wait to make my Nightborne perfect. SO excited.


Well they got til 7th of December apparently to make it ready.
Currently just started a run on PTR to see what it’s about, never played Legion so idk.

Legacy raids have still not had their damage and health reduced.


Why remove timewalking dungeons from the roster? I get people might be bored after running the same ones constantly, and dungeons such as the Black Morass are terrible, but variety is always better. It seems like most people hope every dungeon will eventually make its way onto the list.

Also please add a vendor for old starting gear before it gets replaced with the new sets + preferably make it transmoggable.

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Are you in advertising? promotion? That’s genius.

I wouldn’t be surprised if thiss name will stick, right up there with “Selfie Patch”.

P.S. I still feel bad about that name, for the two people who made the Selfie thing happen, on their own time, thinking it would be a nice gimmick - and then it became infamous as the worst patch ever in WoW. It was a nice act, spoiled by everything else.

I will not feel bad for anyone if this goes down in hirtory as the Fruit Bowl Patch.


Enjoy, it was decent solo content, but it was never the amazing, wonderful thing that those that wanted its return have made it out to be. Nostalgia googles at its finest (can you be nostalgic about Legion???)

Nightborne glowy hands are top.


Wheres the promised class tuning?


Not saying you are wrong but can you point me towards this promised tuning? I don’t recall seeing that.

Too busy being so woke they went broke


Hurrah on finally having release date.

I’m sad to see instead of adding to TW dungeons, you had to remove some and add different ones. Why couldn’t we just have them all.