[Updated 4/11] November’s Trading Post is Out of this World

I think people are just really spoiled. Blizzard releases too many cosmetics and now people don’t appreciate it I think anymore. I think people get a bit jaded like this. It’s like when you watch … uhmm… nevermind…

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I mean, I can see what they are trying to do and I do like this sort of system, but it’s better in competitive games to encourage the grind.

Well most of them are themed to the class, so it makes sense.

Hard pass this month… Nothing there that particularly stands out. Oh well. Another month down to the Maiev set.

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Let me guess you are planning to release good rewards next month to boost new expansion sales so that people buy new Expansion in order to be able to afford TP.

Business shenanigans uWu

Mediocre month, I’ll have 6500 tender we’ll see what I’ll decide to buy :smirk:

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Only 2 really as one’s alli, one’s horde and one’s for anyone. Does anyone know where the horde one came from? I have the alli one already.

My dream is top open a trading post and see the TCG Woolly White Rhino … maybe one day.

Often see the rhino for 2m on the AH.

I don’t usually buy mounts but that zhevra mount looks really good, I think.

I may shop some of the low fantasy transmogs too.

Pretty sure it’s from Recruit a friend, like the alliance one.

The person who recruited me to WoW got the zhevra… that was a long time ago, will be cool to obtain it for nostalgia’s sake. Then forget about it a week later :smirk:

Sure is much better than october’s 4th? reskin of the infernal mount, i’m not a fan of that color combination at all, better save tenders for what feels decent rather than spend them on meh.

The spectral mounts are from this promotion: Scroll of Resurrection - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft (fandom.com)

Got them when those were current by resurrecting myself (or should I say… reincarnate…)

I am not sure if counts as 3 instead of 2. Two of those mounts are the old ones from the Scroll of Resurrection which is one for Horde and one for Alliance. In the original promotion, you only received one of the two because there was no account mount in the game yet (it was available in WOTLK and maybe Cataclysm) but once account mounts were added those 2 mounts were made related so owning one in one faction unlocked one on the other faction, like the vender faction mounts.

I received the alliance one in the scroll of resurrection thing but my horde character doesn’t have the horde one. Are you saying she should have got it later on?

I am not sure. I did the Scroll of Resurrection promotion back in the original WOTLK, and I have both mounts today. I always thought that happened when account mounts were added back then.

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I’m not excited by the monthly rewards this time but I will still collect them ofc.

I already have all the mounts as far as I’m aware so I will actually be able to buy the item I’ve had reserved for a couple of months now!!

To me they look like they are a rare high-res artifact from ulduar, especially with their cosmic scratches

Thank you. I’ll do some investigating

Ignore that. Just checked my horde character and she has it whereas I couldn’t find it yesterday. Sigh …

Wait for a few days and then a new promotion will magically appear: buy this garbage-looking transmog for 49.99 and get 1000 tenders as a bonus!!! What a coincidence it would be! :joy:

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I’m liking some of the weapons a lot
the bonus is a bit of a weak one this month tho
like shadowland greens had a baby with the heart of azeroth

All of my hunters are very underwhelmed with the big reward…

I do like the monk weapons and the warlock armor though. Also I wont say no to the zhevra mount.
TBH I tend to prefer the high rez basic looking stuff for that ‘poor adventurer’ vibe and they usually do a few decent pieces like that every month.