[UPDATED 8 NOVEMBER] Dragonflight: Guardians of the Dream Content Update Notes—Now Live!

[UPDATED 8 NOVEMBER] Dragonflight: Guardians of the Dream Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight: Guardians of the Dream arrives to World of Warcraft on 8 November!

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Ooh. Finally the source for the white dragonscales.

Well 0 incentives to get more healers back to shuffle… well done.


They’d have to scrap their matchmaking system that they brought over from OW. It behaves the exact same way in WoW as it used to in OW before I quit playing due to it.

“Got a Frost DK? bwahahaha… Go play Unholy. But don’t feel too bad, remember you could bounce a snowball off yourself and it wouldn’t melt? it does now…”

why does this zone looks exactly the same like the waking shores? some green and fire :stuck_out_tongue:
I expected Dream Zone to be much more interesting tbh
I miss art concepts from old expansions, especially outland/legion and shadowlands
this "new"zone just feels like expansion to waking shores cuz everything is the same


Such a shame… dps queues will be even way longer after 1-3weeks .
At least its not Blizzards problem obviously.

Iam fine with the game but iam not fine with the requirements for normal flight in the dragonisles. Why are there even requirements for that we can fly anyway. renown 15 at allfactions of df? why?! no sense.

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They’ve removed the requirement for the new faction

hope this isnt ‘‘the emerald dream’’ we have been hearing so much about since vanila.

an overglorified big zone with 1 raid

thats it??

but the way you ruined AZSHARA-ZINAZSHARI, NZOTH-Black empire…

i dont expect much from such company that butchers all lore and long term prospects for short term gains

that’s the corperate america way my friend … short term gains over anything

They keep trying to make expansion worthy zones and characters work in one single patch. It’s terrible.

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this zone should have been released 2 month ago…

and then another zone with 5 man dungeon 1 month ago

and then final zone with raid…now…

stupid design

If I want to be honest, removing of renown requirement in Dragonflight Pathfinder made me so sad :slightly_frowning_face: I understand of doing that during next expansion but why now? It supossed to be special thing, moment of glory and joy, special thanks for people which played whole expansion since start and are specialising in questing for renown. Reward for people which played whole year to earn all renowns, for people which care about it. Pathfinder supposed to be something special for us. Now after changes Pathfinder means nothing. Requires 2-3 days of quests for Loremaster. In my opinion that was a bad decision to remove renown requirement from Pathfinder.

I really appreciate you removed the renown requirement. I do have a criticism there tho. The discussions on this topic happened months ago, it was clear then that a portion of the playerbase did not or could not engage well with the renown grind specifically because of dragonriding.

I have no doubt some of them slogged their way through it anyway, either nauseous, in pain or on foot, to finally have old flying again because of the lack of acknowledgement from Blizzard that this concern had been heard. Next time please consider this sooner, and decide earlier on what you want to do with it.

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Whenever Blizzard does something, we hope it sets precedent for the future. Many people were mad at the decision to include a pathfinder because SL lacked a proper one. The only “pathfinder” was the Zereth Mortis flying and even that didn’t have reputation requirements.

I hope next expansion, when Blizzard decides how they want to handle flying, they remember this incident and its feedback.

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The entry point(s) to Emerald Dream and prerequisites are still unknown, not clearly published. I can only guess whether many of my 70’s characters will be able to enter if they haven’t finished the Dragonflight story yet.

That Holy Paladin “Sanctified Plate” nerf of 40% seems to be rather mindless. Like, the entire goal of the reworks was to make Paladin better at survival of attacks and now you cut down the passive by 40% for Holy only?

Before nerf:

  • +10% Armor (20% on rank 2)
  • +5% Stamina (10% on rank 2)
  • -5% AoE Damage suffered (-10% on rank 2)

After nerf:

  • +6% Armor (12% on rank 2)
  • +2,75% Stamina (5,5% on rank 2)
  • -2,75% AoE Damage (-5,5% on rank 2)

That’s a hefty nerf to a passive that wasn’t even a problem?

Who as an Enhancement Shaman was using Lava Burst AND Elemental Blast? They shared a cooldown so Elemental Blast was the better choice. Why remove it “to free up a space on the bar” when only one of those spells should have been on the bar in the first place? I don’t usually complain, I’m used to Enhancement getting treated like garbage, but this crossed a line for me.

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